Makeover Before and After – Client Spotlight

When I first met Peter he struck me as a smart guy with a great personality. Unfortunately his style sense didn’t match up with all of his other great qualities, which was why I was called in the first place! 

I noticed his shoes were worn out, his shirt had been dry cleaned a few too many times to where the creases were white from starch. He also had sideburns that would make Elvis proud, and he preferred not to wear a belt, ever. All of these things were easy fixes, so I knew we would have quite a transformation.

I was happy to work with Peter, my first guy client ever! We had a great time finding ways to update his wardrobe and style for work and play. We ended up finding enough pieces to replace his entire current wardrobe, which is a good thing!

Scroll down below for the before and after!



What do you think of Peter’s new look?

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