Simply Stylist in Chicago

Breaking News: The President of the United States does NOT wear make-up. I know this because Tia Dantzler is his makeup artist, and she told me. He pretty much just wears moisturizer in case you were wondering. That was just one of the many things I learned at the Simply Stylist event this past weekend. 

This event brought together style and beauty experts to share their secrets and tips for all enthusiasts in attendance. After the panel discussion, there was a fabulous room set up where you could eat, drink, shop, get a blowout, and just get pampered. My kind of a day.

Scroll down for pics, and more about the event below!

Me and Jacey of Damsel In Dior

Brunch Goodies
(L-R)  Catt Sadler – E! News,  Celebrity Make-up artist Tia Dantzler, Stacey Roney of Glossed and Found, Jacey Dupree of Damsel In Dior, Corri McFadden of Shop E Drop Off, and Trish Townsend (not pictured) Celebrity Stylist.
I posted this to show you Catt’s outfit – LOVE those leather shorts – don’t you?
Damsels in Chanel? Corri McFadden of E-Drop Off and Jacey Dupree of Damsel In Dior looking gorgeous as usual!

Something she said cracked me up!
Fun meeting up with fellow bloggers and fashion lovers- Luis of Chic Overload and Lauren of ldotcdot. Lauren is not mad, really.

Stephanie of The Naked Canvas, Sabrina of Sabrina’s Souffle, and Justine of Short Is The New Black
Vegan leather bags from Olivia + Joy

Some beautiful baubles from Capwell + Co

Amazing hand-made pieces from Bella Colletta – I swear these are all works of art. Check them out for sure!

Adorable jewelry – I couldn’t decide on what I wanted at the time but I am definitely going back here! Check out Chicago designers See Song Designs for cute original pieces that are affordable!

And a few more Instagram pics for those of you who don’t follow me!

Celebrity Makeup artist (J. Hud, Barack Obama) Tia DantzlerMarcellas Reynolds, Nikia of Chitown Fashionista

Ashley of  Pursuit of Shoes and Nikia of Chitown Fashionista

Rachel of Chicago Chic Blog

Jeans from Henry and Belle!

I had so much fun at the all-day event Saturday, where I met some of my favorite bloggers and television celebs. I loved meeting Ashley Torres of Pursuit of Shoes and Marcellas Reynolds – Stylist and TV personality from How Do I Look. 
I also loved chatting with Catt Sadler of E! News – I asked her how in the world she has two kids, an amazing job, and still looks hotter than most 25 year olds? She told me about her excercise routine, or actually the lack thereof. Basically she dosen’t overeat and just has good genes. Ugh. don’t you love that answer? At least she is honest! I also think she is a ventriliquist or something because we were both talking and laughing when that picture above was taken, but she looks perfect in every single shot and I am laughing way too hard!

 The panel shared their personal stories and secrets of success, and the underlying theme, as my friend and fellow blogger Nikia from Chitown Fashionista aptly surmised – they all took a leap of faith at some point in their lives to get to their dream gig. Some knew what they wanted to do early on, and some didn’t, but whether they started early or late in life – their life experiences certainly shaped their decisions and make them better at what they do now. So the lesson here is that it is never too late to make a change!

I got a chance to speak to most of the panelists after the talk, and Corri McFadden’s story really inspired me. She was ridiculed when she reached out to a teacher with her business plan idea to start an online luxury consignment store (back before it was a ‘thing’). She then used that negative criticism to fuel her motivation and she founded the company E Drop Off, which now has 44 employees. She also looks amazing – see above picture- that Derek Lam outfit is to-die-for! 

Ok I could go on and on but I’ll end here! There are some fabulous Chicago designers that I met and will be spotlighting here on the blog soon – stay tuned for that! I will also post my outfit details later this week!

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