Today I’ve styled my favorite H&M tunic with my Zara mid-rise skinnies. I can’t stop wearing my mid and high-rise jeans because I love.them.so.much. I don’t care what anyone says, the retro vibe of the jeans, paired with the voluminous blouse, and high heels, is my idea of casual cool. I can’t decide if I am channeling the 50’s or the 70’s more here – what do you think?

Jeans: Zara Similar 7 Jeans (On Sale under $60!)
Top: H&M  Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Heels: Christian Louboutin – Similar style for less than $100!
Watch: Skagen  Necklace and Bracelets: thanks to Stella and Bow
Other bracelets: Charming Charlie, Lia Sophia, J.Crew

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Today I was feeling really nostalgic for some reason and I recalled a moment that stuck with me and maybe even shaped my life a bit. When I was about ten years old, we had some family friends over, one of which was a teenage boy that I had a crush on (who shall remain nameless). When they were leaving, I was really sad so my mom gave me a bag of apples to send them off with. I ran my fastest to their car, making sure I didn’t miss them, when I tripped over one of the roots of the large tree we had in our front yard, the apples flying everywhere. Then I looked up with tears of embarrassment streaming down my cheeks, only to see him laughing at me- like cracking-up laughing. I was absolutely horrified. I had to face the guy many times after this occurrence, but I was sort of forced to play it cool and ‘fake it’ until I was truly over it. 

I learned from this experience that in life the best way to deal with difficulties is to face them, not to dwell on feelings for too long because they are often fleeting, and maybe sometimes even play a little pretend to get you through. 

Do you have any memories that stuck with you or shaped your life? Do tell!



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