One For The Boys – Suit Supply Chicago’s Summer Soiree

When I was invited to attend Suit Supply’s ‘Summer Soiree’ rooftop party and enjoy appetizers and drinks on a perfect Chicago summer evening, I was thrilled. Plus I love seeing a guy in a great suit, and I knew there would be plenty around! 
With Nish de Gruiter and Stephanie de Kanter of Suit Supply.

I had a chance to sit down and talk shop with Nish de Gruiter, VP and Creative head of Suit Supply. Nish himself has an inspiring life story that reads like a fairy tale – from being adopted and moving to the Netherlands from Sri Lanka, to moving to Italy after Bruno Cuccinelli answered his hand-written letter of appreciation, to moving to New York with nothing but a dream and of course, a suitcase of fabulous suits. Read the full story here

To say I don’t know much about suits is an understatement, but what I learned after talking with de Gruiter for a bit could in fact put me in the category of those who know just a little something. He enthusiastically informed me about such detail as the origin of the surgeon cuffs (google it) and why unlined jackets are superior. The passion that Nish has for  the fabric, design, and construction of the clothing was clearly evident.

The secret to Suit Supply’s success is the focus on expert tailoring, the store literally has the tailor station right smack in the middle of the store, and the company decision to cut out the middle man and pass on those savings to customers, making the company much more accessible.  They are also constantly evolving, something that can be attributed to de Gruiter’s entrepreneurial spririt, scrapping what isn’t working and encouraging implementing new and better ideas. Nish also pops in at various locations unannounced to see what is going on from the customer’s point of view, essentially performing quality checks on a regular basis. 

Suit prices range from around $500 and up, depending on your choice of fabrics and styles. 

If you are in Chicago, Suit Supply is located at: 945 N. Rush St. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. You might even run into my new friend Nish if you are lucky! 

For other locations and more information on Suit Supply, click HERE

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