Black and Blue

Today’s look is what I wore to a baby shower the other day. It was actually a semi-formal event where most people wore traditional Indian/Pakistani clothes, but somehow I missed that memo! I decided to pair one of my favorite pieces, my Sophia Reyes silk tunic with my J.Crew minnie pants and Zara lace up heels.  I think it worked, what do you think?

Outfit Details: 

Blouse: Thanks to  Sophia Reyes (30% off your purchase with code LoveZahra!)

Pants: J.Crew | Heels: Zara | Rings: Tissh| Watch: Michele |Bangle: Gift

Necklace: Thanks to Arthur and Livingston

Lips: MAC Rebel combined with MAC Candy Yum Yum
Clutch: H&M

So the other day I was having a rough day, first off – the dry cleaners lost my 19 item order for over 3 weeks and they had the nerve to tell me that I had already picked it up, therefore denying all responsibility of their own. That same day, I went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered a latte, only because I wanted a veggie egg white flatbread otherwise I would have gone to Starbucks, but I digress, so I ordered my vanilla latte, and what I got was a french vanilla coffee with a little steamed milk on top! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my lattes and no flavored coffee is going to pass for it – no way! 

Then later when I picked up Adam, he wouldn’t get in the car and he made me chase him and was being a complete 2 1/2 year old, and I ended up falling and ripping my favorite jeans. As if that weren’t enough, my contrarian of a child was pushing my limits the entire evening. If I said no, he said yes. 

As I was feeling annoyed, angry, frustated, etc. I was flipping through instagram, when I read this quote from @iamglor from the blog ‘The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for’. That really hit home, especially when I attended a lovely baby shower the next day for a couple who went through a long process to adopt in order to be blessed with a child, and were over the moon happy with the new addition to their lives. 

The next day, I took Adam to the zoo and had a blast watching him squeal with delight while he saw all of his favorite animals, monkeys, penguins, lions, guinea pigs – up close and personal. I felt so much gratitude for what I had, I told myself I would try to always remember that feeling. 

Oh, and the dry cleaners ended up finding my order the following day – of course!



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