Closet Confessions
I’m so curious about what’s inside other people’s closets, especially those of socialites and fashion insiders. That’s one of the reasons I love, a website where you can shop the closets of everyone from the girl next door to famous models – they are featuring Cara Delivingne’s closet right now – need I say more?

 I recently watched this video taking a peek inside W Magazine’s Fashion Market and Accessories Director Karla Martinez’s fabulous closet. It’s a part of’s web series called Closet Confessions, where past insiders include Blogger Leandra Medine and Kelly Osbourne. 

What I liked about Karla was her refreshing views and fashion insight, she shares how to respect the art of fashion and design, and advises to start from the proverbial ‘bottom’ in the industry in order to do so. I liked that she mentioned the importance of staying humble, something that is certainly rare in our instant-celebrity-reality-tv obsessed age. That isn’t exactly how she put it but that’s sort of how I read into it. She’s someone I’d love to go shopping with!

I also could have totally used her tips and tricks for surviving New York Fashion Week this year! 

Check out Karla Martinez’s tips in her Closet Confession Here.

If you want to see my own closet renovation I did earlier this year, you can check it out Here.

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