Valentines Day Gifts For Him

I don’t know about you but I find it incredibly difficult to shop for my husband. He has everything he needs and barely anything that he wants (p.s. i wonder what that feels like!). So besides finding new experiences to enjoy as a family, or making arrangements for a date night, what do you get men? You can try this or do something more personal.

I sometimes wonder whether I should go down the personalised route as they can always be a win with anyone. I was talking to my friend who lives in the Netherlands the other day and she said she was thinking about getting her husband some face socks or as they call them over there, sokken met foto! I thought that was such a good idea, I wonder how my husband would take receiving a pair of socks with my face all over them! But then after talking to some other friends I found the personalization didn’t stop there and that you could even customize underwear and Put any face on boxer. This made me giggle even more so I might use this as a little extra gift for him this Valentine’s Day.

Yes, one more thing that I heard of was a customized rubix cube, which can be purchased from online gift shops. Apparently, a Custom Photo Rubiks Cube can have special pictures printed on it, which can be twisted and turned to return it to it’s original state. Additioanlly, every side of this cube can have a solid pattern on it.
Anyway, I’ve had a real think about this and I think I’ve come up with a few cool options. So, here are some gift ideas he is sure to love! I would still try to make that date night happen though…

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1. Friends don’t let friends have floppy collars. Get your man some adorable “Love You” collar stays from If you haven’t discovered collar stays yet, you have to try them, they will change your life! Or at least the life of your button-down shirts.

2. I don’t know any guy who doesn’t secretly dream of being a stunt-double/action hero. The Go Pro is a fun way to make him realize this dream, even if it is only used for its intended purpose once, then for more creative endeavors like – attached to the dog’s collar or the toddler’s bike.

3. “Balls of Steel” is a catchy name for these steel drink chillers – and part of the proceeds of sales go to support testicular cancer research. I’d cheers to that!

4. Give him the gift of style with a Trunk Club gift card. A stylist will pick out clothes for an occasion, a season, or whenever they’d like. There are no membership fees – they only pay for what they buy. For a busy guy, or a guy that doesn’t particularly enjoy shopping, this club is definitely worth joining!

5. This hearts bow-tie from Vineyard Vines is such a cute gift – maybe he could even wear it taking you out for a romantic Valentine’s day dinner?

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