Blogger Spotlight – Jyoti of Style-Delights

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Today I am excited to introduce you to another fabulous blogger! Jyoti’s blog Style-Delights was one of the first I started following, because (obviously) she is gorgeous and has amazing style. She is always working on fabulous brand collaborations and projects or attending fashion shows – so I love to live vicariously through her blog and imagine being there myself. Also, fun fact-  she was the very first person to ever comment on any of my blog posts, which was a huge motivator for me to continue blogging in the first place! Thanks J!
Read below to find out which style icon celeb Jyoti got to meet and chat with at Fashion Week, some of her tips and advice, and where to get the best macarons in NYC ( p.s. they ship anywhere)!
Why do you blog? 

I always loved fashion and shopping and used to find myself helping friends and family with their style questions and shopping, so I got into blogging in 2011 to give an outlet to my personal style. Blogging also helps me ‘work-from-home’ and helps me set my own work-hours. ( A blessing to a mother to a first grader!)

What was your most memorable Fashion Week moment?

Fashion Week is something which I look forward to not only for the shows, but for all the pageantry that goes with it! The street styles, NYC events and celebrity sightings!  I still remember two years ago when Anna Wintour almost brushed passed me! This year, I got a chance to meet (and talk with) Olivia Palermo and her handsome fiancee Johannes Huebl. Olivia is one of my most favorite celebrity to take style notes from

Favorite movie?

So many! I am movie buff but I can watch Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump and Devil Wears Prada anytime (from any point) over and over again!
Favorite book?

Gone With The Wind. 
Geetanjali ( It is a collection of poems by Indian poet/author/scholar Rabindranath Tagore. Its English translated version too is wonderful)
Biggest guilty pleasure?

Catching up on the trash TV via gossip magazines! 
Favorite New York spots? 

I love the energy and attitude of NYC. This city is so stereotypical predictable and at the same time and so unexpected! I am still exploring as there seem to be something new popped up here almost every day!  
As a girl with big sweet tooth, I love this little bakery called The Macaron Cafe, (they have two locations in NYC, and the one at 36th street is so unassuming, you might easily miss while walking past it! But they have the best macarons!  They ship across US. Try them, you won’t regret it) 
If you like Indian food, Junoon is a great place. Reservation is recommended, although you might get in on a weekday without one too.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a blog?

As cliched as it sounds the best advise about blogging is  “Blog because you love it” There are millions of fashion blogs these days and you will only stand out if you are really passionate about it. 

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

“Oh, the things you will see girl!” Jokes aside, retrospectively, I’d rather be the 20 year old girl I was, making my own mistakes, learning from them and just enjoying every moment. May be I’ll say learn photography and jump on the blogging bandwagon in the early 2000!!;-)
What are a few of your spring wish list items?

A Burberry trench coat. I have been thinking of investing in one for a long time, and I somehow convince myself that I don’t need to spend that kind of money on a trench. May be this Spring.. 
Check out more by Jyoti on her Style-Delights and follow her on twitter/instagram +Style Delights 

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