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Okay, today I am thrilled to share my interview with two of my favorite bloggers- if you don’t already know Lisa of Stiletos and Diaperbags and Kaitlyn (of the blog they share) Sisters Marie – you should! I first found Lisa’s blog and loved her style and found her writing style hilarious. Then we met at a Chicago Blogger Network event and I swear I felt like we knew each other forever- it was a little scary at first!

I met Kaitlyn at another blogger event and just immediately loved her sweet personality. It is rare to meet people who are genuine and down to earth, and both of these girls are just that. It took me a while to write this intro because every time I read it I felt like I was gushing too much!

In addition to blogging, they run two successful clothing resale businesses – BISTM (Because I Shop Too Much) and BTGTF (Because They Grow Too Fast). Scroll down to read more about these girls, and get the inside scoop on how they stay fit, some of their embarrassing moments, and their tips on how to be a successful blogger and entrepreneur!

Lisa and Kaitlyn 
1. How are you guys related? Who is married to who’s bro?

K – Lisa is married to my brother and we’ve been sisters-in-law for 6 years now, but she sure feels like more of a good friend. Even when we get together for business dinners or events, we make sure to dedicate a portion of our conversations to what’s going on in each other’s lives, venting if needed (okay, that’s always needed), and just having general sister time. 

L – Kaitlyn is my husband’s sister. When I first met her she was a senior in high school. As the years have past we have become not only sisters and partners, but friends. I truly love our conversations and fashion chat we started long before the business was ever in place. 
2. What is something not a whole lot of people know about your sis-in-law? Any embarrassing stories? 

K – Can we start with the fact that Lisa was the epitome of a hippie in college? She recently showed me a picture of her backpacking in London and she was sporting dreadlocks – DREADLOCKS. She is now one of the girliest girls I know so that image is something I’ll treasure forever 😉 I also don’t think people realize how hard she works as a stay at home Mom – while she’s not venturing out to an office every day, it’s just as stressful (or even more) than most desk jobs. She is an amazing Mother and sets a great example for those of us who still don’t plan on children for a few years (ahem)

Lisa’s “hippie phase”

L – Nothing embarrassing, my sister-in-law is kind of amazing! 
But I will tell you, Kaitlyn is a dancing machine. I love going to shows and weddings with her because once the music starts, that girl does not sit down! It’s pretty amazing to watch. She’s like the energizer bunny! 

 Love Kaitlyn’s expression – this is serious business!

3. What are some of your hobbies/interests?

K – Photography, Running, Entertaining at home, Traveling (and photographing every minute), Social Media for Business, Boating, the Chicago Bulls & Bears

L- Photography, weekends at the Wisconsin lake house, going to the movie with my kids and hubby, fashion events, summer nights out on our patio, yoga, pretty much anything that allows me to slow down, relax, and enjoy life! 

4.  Favorite food? Or Chicago bar/restaurant?

K – I always receive blank stares or laughs when I say this, but sandwiches and cereal are my favorite foods. I love how many different combinations you can make with sandwiches and I can eat cereal at any time of the day and feel comforted by it…especially late at night, I look forward to that snack after a long day. As for Chicago restaurants, I really enjoy Carnivale for the gorgeous décor, fun ambiance (and strong drinks! I’ve never had such a potent margarita) Hub 51 is another one that tops my list because the menu is just my style.
L-  Mexican! I could eat Mexican food everyday. That or sushi. Yep, I could survive solely on mexican and sushi and be one happy lady.

5. Cubs or Sox?

K – I’m a Sox fan for various reasons but most importantly because I can’t imagine a bigger way to disappoint my husband than being someone who actually enjoys going to Wrigley Field. I love going to baseball games in the summer but I’d much rather be watching basketball on TV than the Sox or Cubs lose…again. 

L- I could care less. lol No but seriously, we do not watch sports at my house. Sure, I love going to a live game, drinking beer, and watching a game from time to time, but I don’t know players names, terms, etc. It’s just not my thing. 
6. Favorite song to karaoke to? 

K – I never knew it was a favorite, but for some reason, I’ve sang “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit on stage multiple times. Gotta love the 90’s? And yes, I’m a rare bread that actually enjoys karaoke – singing in my car and shower just doesn’t feed my stage presence hunger. Also, given the chance (and the voice) I would love to belt out “Don’t Rain on my Parade” – Babs knows her stuff!

L –  I am so embarrassed to admit, I have never done karaoke! I was at a bar once and they let people sing karaoke with a live band. I think if I did, that’s the way I would want to do it… and I might want to check a site like Revitalizing Downtowns for any tips so I don’t completely make an idiot of myself! Go big or go home, right?
7. Any tips for bloggers or entrepreneurs? You guys have done both successfully, can you share anything you have learned over the years? What not to do, perhaps?

K – A lot of people warn you against turning your hobby into a job, but what they forget to mention is how great of an outlet it can be for your passion. Lisa and I felt very strongly about the idea behind our websites and even though it seemed unrealistic in the beginning (and still does at times!), it’s something we both enjoy doing and sharing with other young women who are equally interested in fashion and affordable style. I would also say, never be embarrassed about your work – when we first launched the websites and started writing the bog, I worried about what my friends would think or what kind of image we were developing with all the photographing we do of our outfits and ideas, but everyone has always been extremely supportive. Without the loyal backing of our family and friends, we would probably still be sitting in Lisa’s basement trying to think of names for the company (btw, sorry it’s so long but it’s just so appropriate!) 

L – I say my tips would be to just go for it, be fearless, and don’t do it for anyone other then yourself. 
I have gotten a good amount of hater comments over the years and you can’t let it get to you. I’m sure by this point I’ve been on someones worst dressed list too, but you want to know a secret? I do not mind! 😉 Seriously! 
Same in business. We had this idea and just went for it! No guts, no glory guys! I’d rather regret something I did do then something I never tried. 
8.  You both are in fantastic shape – any tips? What do you do?

K – First of all, thank you! As a person who could skip the meal and go straight for dessert, it’s not always easy. Luckily, I actually enjoy running, especially outside in the nicer Chicago months so I look forward to the time I have to myself to listen to music and just sweat. Really, I feel so much better about my day if I get a good hour of sweating in – somehow it just makes everything seem to go more smoothly. I also love going to group exercise classes with my Mom or a friend – it’s a way to keep up with each other’s lives and stay active at the same time.

 L – Well thank you very much! I’ve been a lot of sizes during the past 6 years (the baby making years), so I’m finally at a place where I am happy and at my healthiest weight since being a mom. 
Plus I have two kids under five! 😉 I do not sit during the day, the schedule just doesn’t allow. So I guess my tip would be keep moving, drink lots of water, and eat 5-6 times a day. 

9. How did you guys come up with the idea for BISTM? BTGTF? 

K – Lisa started her blog, ‘Stilettos & Diaper Bags’ over four years ago. A few years in, she started getting questions like, ‘Can I buy from you?’ ‘Where can I get that?’ And she started selling her items directly from her blog. She started asking around and engaging friends to see if there was a market for it and that’s what prompted us to move forward. We also discussed how we (and lots of females!) always want to have something new to wear for an event they are attending, whether it’s as simple as a college party or as important as a business get together so we started swapping clothes from each other’s closets so we could wear something “new” without braking the bank…then we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all shop and swap from hundreds of closets? Enter Because I Shop Too Much & Because They Grow Too Fast.

L – I had been selling my clothes on Stilettos and Diaper Bags for over six months and had made a good amount of money doing so. Kaitlyn and I started asking around to see if there was a market for something that would allow everyone to sell and swap their clothing and accessories too. The rest is history! I’ll be the first to admit we created a site we both wanted to use ourselves first and foremost. We both stalk the sites on the regular. You have to check back daily if you want the best items and deals! 
10. What is on your wish list now? 

K – There is a pair of Stella McCartney running shoes that I would die for but they are sold out– I pinned them a few months back and constantly check to see if I can magically find them anywhere. I have a weird obsession with neon and printed gym shoes and this is the ultimate pair! I would also love a shopping spree to Sephora – I’ve always loved makeup, but lately, I’ve been really into trying different combinations I find through Pinterst, magazines, etc so needless to say, I very have little control in that store. 

L- I’ve got spring on the brain.  I’m currently looking for cute staple items for my spring wardrobe. There are about 10 items I want on but outside of trying to fill the closet without breaking the bank I think I’m on the hunt for two items. A great new maxi dress and a pair of gladiator sandals. 
Kaitlyn and Lisa
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