Jeans For Every Shape From Woodfield Mall- WGN News Segment

Here’s today’s segment on WGN Morning News. The topic is jeans for every shape, we showcase styles from Woodfield Mall retailers such as Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, The Buckle, Ann Taylor, The Limited, and Levi’s!

Thank you to all of my models! Becca, Raiza, Mary, Kristen, Lisa of Stilettos and Diaper Bags, Shaheen of Lows to Luxe, Megan of Stylish and Scatterbrained, Gia of Dress Up Files, Erin of Color Me Styled, and Stephanie of The Naked Canvas. Do check out their blogs, they are fabulous!

P.S. I know I was having a blonde moment in the beginning…but I promise it passes 🙂 Let’s just say I now have a whole new appreciation for live TV news anchors! 

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