Stripes + Chartreuse

In today’s look I’m trying out two trends for the first time. I’ve never really been a fan of cocoon shapes on top for me, because I always thought it only flattered girls with no hips, but I’m starting to have a different opinion now. I am also wearing my first crop top purchase here, and I am not really into baring midriff so I wore it over a dress instead. I love the contrast in shapes and the bold color and pattern combination, yet the shape is so simple, it keeps the outfit realistic and wearable. I’d also style this top with a pair of jeans just as easily as a more casual look.

As we were driving over to a friends house this past weekend, I spotted this paint shop and told Tom to pull over because it was perfect for an outfit blog post. You just never know when you are going to have your next photo op I always say, just another reason to try and look your best (most) days!

Top: HM | Dress: Asos | Shoes: Charles David | Bag: Alexander Wang | Bracelets: Hermes, T+J DesignsChelsea Charles | Ring: Tissh

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