Cut It Out

This dress by Sophia Reyes is one of my absolute favorite pieces, I styled it last here. It is actually from one of her first collections, but the style is so timeless it looks just as new and on trend now as it did then.  Sophia Reyes is offering LoveZahra readers a special deal – you can get 30% off of your purchase from Sophia Reyes if you use code LoveZahra at checkout! 

I wore this to dinner one night in Punta Cana. We spent the mornings in the pool and the afternoons at the beach, so when it came time for dinner I tried to wear something a little more elegant than my daily swimsuit and flip flop uniform. I love how a little cut out in a dress or even a shoe can make it that much more interesting and stylish.

By the way, I got such a tan that I actually didn’t see my usual dark circles under my eyes any more! I can’t believe I just now learned that my skin actually gets better with a tan! I know it may seem crazy if you aren’t dark skinned and you are thinking ‘duh! everyone looks great with a tan’ it really was never something that I thought about since I am already tan, but I seriously never knew how much healthier my face looks with a little bit of sunshine. I guess you can learn something new every day!

Dress: Sophia Reyes | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: Gift (from my mommy) | Watch: Michele | Bracelet: Chelsea Charles | Lips: MAC Impassioned | 

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