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Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the blogger features I had in store for you while I was out of town! I’ve got a list of bloggers I want to feature here, so stay tuned for more coming soon.
 I am a little sad my vacation is over, but I have to admit there is nothing better than coming home and being in my own bed with my favorite blankets and comforters to snuggle in while I write this blog post for you!
So, every time we go on vacation something crazy happens. One time I mistakenly thought our departure time was our boarding time, so we decided to kill some time by lounging and grabbing a bite at Chili’s in the airport. When we finally started strolling over to the gate, the doors had already closed and they promptly told us they would get us on the next flight – which was three hours later. We had a connection taking us internationally which we would have missed, and so we would have lost at least a day of vacation time. I then started freaking out at the gate, and they actually took pity on us and reopened the doors! They even had to kick out a few stand-by travelers to get us on…whoops!
Then there was the trip to Jamaica that was supposed to happen after a snowmobile weekend in Wisconsin, but I ended up getting in a serious accident and didn’t wake up for 3 days.  I’ll share that story here some day, but obviously we didn’t make that trip…
This time, we had to get rush passports made for Tom and Adam because we lost our important documents file (go figure!) and luckily I was fine because I knew I had mine in my dresser in my favorite leopard printed ASOS passport case. Well we finally get their passports delivered the evening before our 6:00 a.m. flight – talk about a close call! Then as we are driving to the airport, I decide to look at everyone’s passport pictures just for fun, when it hits me like a ton of bricks- I realize my passport is in my maiden name! I never changed it – but we booked our tickets in my new last name! Anyone who travels internationally knows that with all of the new security measures at airports, you can’t change names on tickets and changing anything at all is extremely difficult!
We almost gave up and went home because we lost our marriage certificate in that same important documents folder, and we thought that was the only way to prove we were really married. Then out of desperation I started asking for help from the ladies at the check-in counter. By some amazing stroke of luck, we were able to convince the airline people to make the change, and we were able to get on the next flight about an hour later! 
The lessons I learned here: 1) always double check your flight boarding time and 2) never take no for an answer!
Will post more about my trip and my vacation outfits this week and next!

Dress: Bisou Bisou | Shoes: J.Crew (exact in different color) and similar style | Hat: J.Crew | Bracelets: Lia Sophia, gift | Watch: Skagen | Necklace: J.Crew | Rings: David YurmanTissh | Sunnies: Gucci | 

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