Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

First off Congrats to the Ann Taylor bracelet giveaway winner! Thanks  everyone who entered! 


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I’m mailing out the bracelet this week, so be on the look out!

So today at work I was tasked with manning the front desk while our Admin team went out to lunch for Administrative Professionals Day. I couldn’t get a ton of work done since I wasn’t at my computer and I was constantly getting distracted by incoming phone calls. I took the time to perfect my cheery welcoming greeting voice, and I was planning on playing the gate keeper hard-core. Since my job is in sales, I’m usually the one on the other side of the phone so I thought it would be kind of fun to see how the other side feels and be a total jerk. Ultimately I related to the salesperson way too much and didn’t do any of that, plus I’m just too nice to actually be mean to people anyway. 

On that note, I haven’t always been such a nice girl, I mean I wasn’t a ‘mean girl’ but I had my moments. I think the turning point for me was having my baby Adam. Every time I look at his innocent little face, I think of everyone a little like that. We all start out happy, sweet, and loving – and then life happens, and kids can be so mean, and those kids who are treated badly sometimes treat others badly to compensate. Its such a vicious cycle.  Girls in particular can be so cruel and sometimes that doesn’t actually go away even when they grow up. So I try to think of all people as happy babies, who just want to laugh and smile and be loved-  basically I try to treat everyone how I want people to treat my baby. 

But back to my point, today I had a lot of time – two and a half hours to be exact- to really sit and think a bit. At first I wasted some time and surfed the web and liked a bunch of instagram pictures, but when I got bored of that I just kind of sat there and thought. I thought what I really wanted for Mother’s day was more time to do that – just THINK. I can’t remember the last book I read for pleasure, and I adore reading novels. I also haven’t written in a journal in years – and I miss the therapeutic benefits I used to get from writing just for me.  I haven’t had time in years to just lay in my bed and let an entire song play from beginning to end – with headphones in my ears so I can really hear the nuances in the music and vocals. So that’s what I suggest you get your mom/wife/baby momma for Mother’s Day. Some peace and quiet time for herself.

But if you need to get SOMETHING tangible, here are some more suggestions: 

(Oh and Tom, if you are reading, I personally want every single one of these things…)

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