Sweats + Leather

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Sometimes you just want to wear a cozy sweatshirt – even if it is paired with leather pants and Valentino rockstuds! This sweatshirt from J.Crew is so soft, I just want to live in it. Hence why I’ve dressed it up here, and also why I wore it every chance I could ever since I brought it home. You can easily swap out a sweatshirt in place of a dressy shirt and get away with it, since it really just adds to the ‘looking cool without trying’ factor, which I value the highest on the ‘looking cool’ scale (that I just made up). 

Other ways I would dress up this sweatshirt would be with a maxi skirt, a beaded/sequin short skirt, a pair of white wide-leg pants and heels, and possibly some culottes and slide sandals. Oh and of course, let’s not forget my favorite weekend go-to: boyfriend jeans. Do you like to dress up your sweatshirts too? 

Sweatshirt: J.Crew (On SALE – $39.99) | Shoes: Valentino – Similar Style (under $100) | Pants: Paige -(on SALE here- available in XS, S)  and available here in every size | Bag: Alexander Wang | Rings: Tissh | Watch: Michele | Bracelet: T+J Designs | Lips: MAC – Diva

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Happy Fathers Day to the best @tom_sandberg!
4 months of lifting heavy 4 x week - I def see a difference ~ (the last pic is the before) I gained 5-7 lbs but my clothes fit *way* better - the numbers on the scale LIE!
Officially a dance mom! So much fun watching Sophia’s first recital - I love that she isn’t shy at all - she definitely loves the spotlight!
Off to the lake to relax and recharge for the long weekend ~ sometimes I like going away just to get excited about coming back home - is that weird? Here are a few more pics from my bedroom balcony, definitely a place I’ll miss while I’m gone! More about this project and product links on my blog. (Link in profile)
My posture: starting my day vs. ending it ~
After this summer my baby girl will be in Kindergarten! It will be bittersweet because while I’ll miss her so much, it will be the first time in 10 years I will have more than a 2-hour window of free time per day - I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of that time! Moms who have already gone through this - is it hard adjusting? I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of life brings 💕 side note: look at those gorgeous Lilacs blooming!
Happy Mother’s Day 🌸
Hey there it’s been a while! it’s honestly weird to live life without documenting and sharing it with you all - but also kind of awesome at the same time…10/10 highly recommend taking time off of social media for any or no reason at all 👍🏾 I took a break because we had some family health issues that required my full attention and presence (not going to share details because it’s not my place as the person is very private) but I hope to get back to posting as usual around here as much as time allows. recent pic from a yummy brunch in Napa ~
11 years today!