Top Coat

I just want to say thanks to everyone who emailed/commented/retweeted/texted me about the brains over body post! I think it hit a nerve with a lot of girls, it certainly did for me, which is why I felt compelled to blog about it. So thank you!

The other day I was headed to an event where I knew there were people who were, let’s just say, fashion-conscious. The kind of people who would be wearing birkenstocks and leather sweatpants, and not at all because they are trying to be comfortable. I always struggle with what to wear to these events because I want to look stylish but I don’t want to (and can’t afford to) buy brand new outfits for each event. I also don’t buy in to trends that just aren’t my style- no matter how much they are ‘on trend’ for the season. My solution is almost always to wear basics like jeans or trousers and blouse, and top with some great outerwear. 

There is nothing that completes an outfit better than a top coat in my opinion. There is something regal or slightly formal about adding this extra layer, like something reminisced about fondly that people used to do back when things were right with the world. I especially love a long jacket or blazer, worn just as easily over a dress or slacks for work, or distressed denim or ankle cropped trousers for the weekend. Truly a timeless piece that should last you through the years.

Try wearing yours with either a matching or similar colored pant/dress for a monochromatic look or try the opposite, like the bright red trench with a grey denim and black patent heel.

Some of my outerwear picks for Spring:

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