Guest Post – Looking Good Feeling Fab

Today’s post comes to you all the way from India, from one of the first people I met through the blogosphere, the beautiful Abhilasha. Her genuine, sweet personality and impeccable taste make her so incredibly easy to like. She has stayed a constant inspiration for me with her blog Looking Good Feeling Fab where she offers beautiful imagery, creative outfits (both Eastern and Western style), fashion show coverage, youtube videos, and fashion collaborations with some of India’s top designers.

Get to know Abhilasha a little more below and check out more of her looks on her blog!

It is such a pleasure to interact with all the gorgeous “Love Zahra” readers. I have been a big fan of Zahra’s style and blog for a long time now and I am delighted to be a part of this beautiful space today. Thank you Zahra for letting me do this, for being such an inspiration and a delight to interact with, always.
We are bang in the middle of the Indian summer and in spite of its extremities and torturously high temperatures, it remains my favorite time of the year. The bright and beautiful flowers all around, the most luxurious fruits – sweet juicy mangoes, lychees, berries in every color and memories of summer holidays spent with the family are partly to be blamed for my summer obsession.
As a student, summer always meant holidays, all the cousins meeting together in my Grandparents home in Delhi – playing, fighting, eating, laughing and doing nothing at all. Times have changed so much, those holidays exist no more, those happy gatherings of cousins have vanished, and everyone is busy in a life of their own. The only thing that remains is memories, those memories are trapped deep within my heart and I refuse to let go of those summer afternoons of my childhood.
Summer will always be bright beautiful and cheery yellow for me and so is this post…a hint of red to break the brightness..

I hope you enjoyed the post and a glimpse of Indian Summer and fashion..

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