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On to today’s blog post – a lot of people ask me to give them blogging tips, and even though I don’t think I am an expert by any means, I feel like there is a lot of confusing information out there and I love to share things I wish I knew when I was just starting out. Obviously, I have learnt things along the way about why it is important to have a great wifi connection and looking at things like comcast internet packages, in order to help with research and upload times, but this is an additional list to the very beginning of your blogging journey.
1. The most important thing is to be YOU. This is a common tip- I know, and it is one that you might not even know the answer to. Your “brand” might be to write about multiple things under one niche, like blogs like RJ City do, or you might want to hone in on just one thing and get really good at writing about that. I sure didn’t know what my “brand” was, since I wrote about and wore whatever I happened to like – and my likes vary so much I didn’t think I could be categorized in any one particular ‘box’. Don’t try to fit in to any box, but take risks and find out what it is that you love. I’ve learned so much about my style choices and what works for me since I started paying attention and blogging about it. I now think of my style as a creative mix of classic and feminine, with a modern twist. I wear high-end and low-end fashion, but most often I am a middle of the road gal!
2. Learn how to take a great picture. This is one I am still working on…but I finally know which lighting works best for clear pictures (stay out of direct sunlight!) and learn how to use your white balance function if you have a dslr! Blogs are all about beautiful imagery, so try your best to have a good sized clear photo. Mine are always 768 pixels wide. Buy Photoshop Elements – it is way cheaper than the full Photoshop, and does all of the same stuff you will need for blogging purposes (plus, you can get useful add-ons, like this Photoshop color wheel to help with any enhancements or alterations you may wish to do with your photos).
3. Be genuine. This is similar to being ‘you’, but more focused on being ‘real’. People can sniff out fake – like when you are only nice when you happen to need something, like when you have a giveaway or an event you are promoting. Blogging is about people, and if you can’t find the time to ever comment back on a reader comment or respond to a reader email, then what are you blogging for anyway?
4. Be confident. Don’t feel like you don’t have the right to an opinion on fashion because you can’t afford a Birkin bag. Money absolutely does not equal style. You know how someone becomes a fashion expert? They say they are one, and really believe it. With all of the fashion shows at your fingertips on sites like, everyone has access to the same information, so there is no reason why you can’t be just as much of an expert as Anna Wintour!
5. Don’t overthink it. Ever heard the joke about the R&D (research and development) center? It closed because it was all research and no development. Don’t stress out about skipping a day or two of blogging, or wearing the same item again in an outfit, or writing a less than witty post. Show your own unique style and wear whatever you want – whether or not it is currently ‘on trend’ or designer. On the flip side, don’t stress about wearing a trend that is currently popular either- like if you really want those Valentino Rockstuds (I’m obsessed with mine)- but you don’t want to be thought of as unoriginal – just remember you probably weren’t the first, nor will you be the last to wear it, so just do it. Lastly, try not to worry about page views. You can always find a link building company to help with this, which means all you have to do is focus on the content. There is also no need to stress if you don’t have any comments on your page as it is way more important to have people reading your blog. Plus, different demographics comment more than others, and ao if your blog is getting a lot of visitors then it will get noticed. (Here’s a secret – I had the most page views by far on a post with 0 comments!)
Just do steps 1-5 in each blog post and you are good!

Those are my top five blogging tips – please share your own favorites in the comments below!

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