Eid with Sania Maskatiya + Love Zahra

Happy Eid to everyone who celebrates! This Eid has been extra special because now I have family here with me to celebrate with after years of being on my own in the Midwest. I’ve also made some amazing friends since moving to Chicago, and we had the opportunity to hang out during Ramadan which makes it so much more fun! Last night I attended a beautiful Chand Raat (eve of Eid) party where we got to shop some fabulous designer fashion in a private exhibition, and then mingle with friends and get our hands painted with henna, and of course eat traditional Pakistani food and dessert- there was even a gola ganda (shaved ice) station! It was the first time I had one since I was maybe 10? So good.
I had originally planned to wear this dress by designer Sania Maskatiya for the day of Eid, but I couldn’t wait and wore it last night instead. If you haven’t checked out Sania Maskatiya’s online shop, you must – it is filled with everything from casual contemporary pieces, to formal and traditional, all shoppable online! 
Before I left for the party, I asked the hubs to take a few pictures of me – see the whole outfit in detail below!
Some of my other Sania Maskatiya favorites are: 123
Scroll all the way down for a few snaps from the party!

I spy a curious puppy!
Dress: Thanks to Sania Maskatiya

Just a few favorites from the evening:
This beautiful floral entryway! 

 Heavenly dessert table!
Shaved Ice with a cherry on top!
 Coconut macarons that required a selfie

 Adorable favors 
Hope you have a wonderful Eid! Thanks for stopping by!

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