Office Inspiration

Now that I’m working from home so much, I can’t help but get an itch to redo my workspace. My current ‘office’ was pretty much the house catch all room until I started working in there. I need to start from scratch to build my dream office space. First I cleared out all of the junk and now I am left with a large open space with tons of potential. I have started looking around for ideas and furnishings that would be appropriate for my space. Viewing some of the items they have over on sites similar to Office Monster and other suppliers is certainly getting me in the mood to complete my office set-up ready for work!

I think it’s important that I’m able to create an office that will allow me to be productive. Of course, making sure it looks good is also one of my main priorities, but if it’s not going to allow me to work properly and to achieve all my targets, then why the need for me to redecorate in the first place? I want a space that allows me to enjoy my work, and find the best furniture on the market, such as these bookshelves from somewhere like, will allow me to do this. I can’t even begin to tell you how I have always wanted to have bookshelves in my very own work environment and now I have the perfect opportunity so I’m going to make the most of this renovation while I can. Unfortunately, finding bookshelves is just the start of my journey.

Next thing, what can someone do in their spare time, one medium can be a TV with a free player to watch shows and sports, another might be sitting and reading some books. Now I’m thinking about looking for chairs, which are as comfortable as the ones in my previous office. And I have a feeling that if I don’t think about it now, I’ll start having back pain very soon. I’ve put a few heavy duty office chairs on my wish list for myself, and I’m thinking about purchasing one soon. But first, I need to set up some other things.

I searched the web for inspiration and I fell in love with this design pictured below, which I think might be Kris Jenner’s office but I am not certain. I love the rich color and mix of prints and textures. It is luxurious without being gaudy. I already ordered this chair and I love how it is comfy and not too modern like most office chairs. My desk is a lot more modern, so it is a nice contrast. The walls are going to be either black, navy, or dark grey.

That’s all I’ve got so far but I will keep you posted on my progress!

These days my little Adam is obsessed with puzzles and he is much better than I am – by far. He also likes to read to me, and he makes up the story line randomly – it is hilarious. One book, each page was about playing outside and swimming – I think he was trying to give me a hint…haha.

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