What I Wore: Zadig et Voltaire Opening Party

From my first visit to the latest Oak st. boutique, Zadig et Voltaire, I felt right at home. I’m more than just a Francophile – sure I love my Chanel and definitely love Macarons – but on a deeper level I’ve always felt what I imagine French women to be – a bit rebellious, a smidge hippie, and a little Brigitte Bardot bombshell. 

Warning: I am going to get a little real here. 

It might be because I am in a moody mood, or maybe because I just watched Private Parts and empathized with Howard Stern trying to be himself on the radio the whole time the corporate execs were trying to censor him. A lot of people email me with really sweet words and compliments about my blog,  outfits, or even my physical appearance  – and that I definitely do appreciate, but it is still really strange to me, because growing up I was always given such different messages. I definitely do not have the perfect life, and I have many insecurities.

Growing up, I was  always told I was ‘too dark’ to be considered pretty and I was even told not to play outside, not to swim, just to avoid getting any darker. Because, I mean, who would want to marry me if I got any darker, right? In a world where we seem to believe everyone is equal, the reality is there is still a lot of racism and shade-ism.

Since I loved swimming so much, I used to sneak out to the public pool with friends, only to be caught later- my chlorine-bloodshot eyes a dead giveaway. Later in life, I’d sneak out at night to go to parties to get attention from boys – who by the way – definitely didn’t deserve it!
It took years, but as soon as I had my son, I had this complete revelation – and all of the sudden I realized just how amazing I was – and I clearly saw how ignorant and completely wrong the people who influenced me were, I felt liberated! I created this beautiful human life that I believe is perfect in every way, and I only wish he feels the same about himself as he becomes a man.

So the lesson today is – love yourselves. Why not make someone feel special today. You never know what they might be toiling with inside. Enjoy life!

Have a great weekend!

Jacket: All Saints | Clutch: Zadig et Voltaire | Skirt: Vince Camuto also here in Navy | Heels:  Nordstrom | Bag: Alexander Wang

Here’s what I wore to celebrate the opening of the new Zadig et Voltaire on Oak St. in Chicago. Hair by Annalisa at Entourage Hair Salon in Elmhurst.

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