Faux Fur + Why I Love The 90’s

I am loving this resurgence of all things 90’s in fashion these days. The 90’s were my favorite decade, and as my girlfriend put it perfectly, the last great decade. That may seem like something an old person would say, to which I would respond – ok I am old – but truly the 90’s was an amazing decade. I still to this day mostly listen to music from the 90’s whether it is alternative or hip hop. I mean listen to Jeff Buckley’s Lover You Should’ve Come Over or the Amazing cover by Natalie Maines – if you don’t cry or at least emote, you aren’t human, period.

Maybe this nostalgia I’m feeling is because the 90’s was the last decade before we became fully immersed in the interwebs, and its sort of like the difference between how you pictured your significant other before they used the bathroom in your presence. There was a mystery about things.

Also, people didn’t have to be their own personal brand managers like they need to now, with everyone judging everyone by their social media profiles, they simply ‘were’, and that was ok. It seemed like people lived life more and documented life less.

Maybe it was because I was an angsty teen, but I also very much subscribed to the culture of questioning authority as exemplified by music from 90’s bands like Rage Against The Machine, and I very passionately felt I could fight injustice in the world and make a difference. I personally still cringe when I see people blindly following any political party.

Somewhere along the line, I changed. I grew up, became a little bit disenchanted with the lack of progression in my world-saving efforts, busied myself with work, and just let the years fly by.

Things are supposed to change though in life, and along with the bad there is also a ton of good. Now my husband jokes about how much time I spend on social media and I just secretly hope that my son has more sense than I did as a teenager now that everything he does will probably end up online somehow.

I hope, along with the zuba pants, platform shoes, crop tops, and mom jeans, that we can all take a little more of the good stuff out of the last greatest decade!

Outfit Details: Vest: Nordstrom | Top: Zara | Jeans: Zara Another Style I am loving | Booties: Vince | Rings: Vince CamutoTissh | Necklaces: J.Crew  | Watch: Michele | Bag: Givenchy | Sunnies: Kate Spade Similar Style | 

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