Love Zahra + Zadig & Voltaire + “My Creation” Event

I recently stopped in to Zadig & Voltaire and learned all about “My Creation”. It is a unique concept that I personally love. You get to completely personalize a cashmere pullover and have it custom made just for you in France. The idea behind it is to allow you to have complete freedom and creativity to create something truly special. I think it is a great gift idea in particular for your significant other, or for a baby shower gift! I mean you have to be really thoughtful to order something so far in advance, am I right?

I ordered my own and I can’t wait to share my design with you all. It takes about six weeks for the order to be complete, so right now is actually the perfect time to order if you want it in time for the holidays. You really should go in store to order since there are so many things you can personalize to your taste, but if you can’t make it in, you can call the store and they will take your order over the phone.

Also for my Chicago readers, if you are interested in learning more, or you just want to hang out for a bit, I am hosting a party at the Oak Street Zadig & Voltaire store on Wednesday, October 22nd, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. I’d love for you to stop in and say hello!

Scroll down for a little video I made during my store visit! I’ve been having way too much fun with iMovie lately…enjoy!

Zadig_Et_Voltaire Zadig_MyCreation_ Zadig_MyCreation

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