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A wrist-worn selfie taking camera won this year’s Intel Smart Clothing contest, proving that wearable technology is no longer a far out concept but one that is here to stay. It also proves that “generation me” is an accurate description of the generation- the winning entry being a selfie camera and all. We got a taste of some of the latest in wearable tech at the Museum of Science and Industry’s “Fashion Forward” event celebrating innovations in fashion, and honoring blogger Garance Dore with the Fashion Inspiration Award for her contributions to both fashion and design.  At the one night only fashion exhibition, some of the latest innovative trends were showcased including extremely intricate couture 3d printed accessories like the hat and turban pictured above, by London based renown Milliner Gabriela Ligenza, and the “Galaxy Dress” by CuteCircuit, which is composed entirely of full color pixels and swarovski crystals. Other notable pieces included a fiber-optic heartbeat dress, a dress wired up so that you can receive a text activated “hug” – so those you love can send more than a virtual hug.

After the award ceremony and a beautiful dance sequence presented by some extremely talented Chicago high school students, Nicole and I set to explore the Museum since we knew there were a few open exhibits. We were trapped in the mirror maze for longer than I had wanted, and when we finally found our way out, I couldn’t stop loudly expressing my excitement. As I am exclaiming away, Garance was hanging out right outside with the directors of both the Museum and her PR Firm. I was mortified, assuming she would now think of me as unrefined, or even worse – uncool. However, If she did think so, she definitely didn’t show it.

Meeting with Garance only made me love her more, and I subsequently spent hours browsing her blog and her design shop. She’s one of those rare people who are in real life exactly how they seem to be on social media – in her case unpretentious and kind, with that covetable French charm.

We spent the rest of the evening exploring even more fun rooms, like the man made tornado, and the ‘silhouette’ room, where we printed our own silhouette from a photograph into nylon in just minutes. It is so funny how when you live somewhere you can easily forget to visit all of the landmarks that tourists visiting never dare miss. I now have plans to bring Adam back to the Museum of Science and Industry next week!

The hat in the above picture with the 3d printed writing, has an entire poem on it. The poem is by John Tessimond, called Day Dream:

One day people will touch

and talk perhaps easily.

And loving be natural as breathing

and warm as sunlight.

And people will untie themselves.

as string is unknotted.

Unfold and yawn and stretch

and spread their fingers.

Unfurl, uncurl like seaweed

returned to the sea.

And work will be simple

and swift as a seagull flying.

And play will be casual

and quiet as a seagull setting.

And the clocks will stop.

and no one will wonder

or care or notice.

And people will smile

without reason.

Even in winter.

even in the rain.

 …and with that, have a great week!

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