2014 – Favorite Outfits

2014 has been a whirlwind of a year for me. The biggest change would definitely be leaving my full-time job in order to have more time at home with my son. It took two years of trying to balance blogging with work and family time, with no assurance that anything would actually pan out, but I finally got to a point where the blog was bringing in enough income that could finally take the leap. I am now even more of a believer that you can do anything you want to do – it is just a matter of following your intuition, working hard, and believing in yourself enough to not give up.

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to be more present and to really focus my energy on anything I did. I have always been a multi-tasker, something I even used to brag about, but I realized that instead of doing anything well, I was just doing lots of things really poorly.

While I don’t think I have completely mastered the skill of always being present, I think I have taken some major strides. I now try to have more moments without the noise of social media, like during meal times and play time with my son, and I try to compartmentalize my day so that I make sure to accomplish the things I want to that day.

So for 2015, I am going to stick with the same resolution and try to get even better at appreciating everything life has to offer. Rather than going through my daily routine in autopilot, I’m going to try to remember to stop and smell the roses. After all, as the saying goes, tomorrow is not guaranteed and today is a gift, which is why it is called the ‘present’.

Here is a round-up of my favorite looks from 2014, cheers to a safe and Happy New Year!

Striped_Top_Chartreuse_Skirt Sahar_Dada_Blazer_Asos_Skirt_4Heritage_SWhite_Full_Skirt_Topshop_Grey_Kate_Spade_top

ElizabethandJames_Sophia_Reyes_roomandboard Rebecca_Taylor_Short_Sleeve_Zip_Tweed pleated_orange_maxi Jcrew_Sweater_Jcrew_Collection_Skirt_Vince_BootiesSania_Maskatiya_Dress_Eid___ Leith_Dress_NordstroM_Louboutin_Heels Linen_Shirt_Dress_Ann_Taylor Missoni_AllSaints_RoomandBoard Peach_Eyelet_Skort_JCrew_ALC_Tank1 pFW JCrew_Ikat_Skirt_Sahar_Dada_Blouse_Isabel_Marant_Pumps HM_Dress_ Fur_Vest_Vince_Booties_Givenchy Chartreuse_MIdi_Dress_Asos_Cobalt_necklace1 Burberry_Trench_Coat_Boyfriend_Jeans All_Saints_Zadig_et_Zoltaire BIBTM_Feather_Skirt1 Black_Leather_Skirt_Stuart_Weitzman_Heels
Adam_MommyAnn_Taylor_Skirt_Zara_heels_Jcrew_sweater.jpg Red_White_Blue_Kate_Spade.jpg Ann_Taylor_Mesh_Skirt_Blue_Shoes.jpg

Blush_Pink_Jumpsuit_Topshop.jpg Zara_Leather_Skirt_Vince_Booties.jpg
White_Chelsea28_Burberry_Trenchcoat_Vince_Booties Topshop_Culottes


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