Joggers and Hats

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It is funny the stuff you remember from your childhood. Some odd tidbits stick while great swaths of time are completely erased. I remember when I was maybe 6 years old having a string of nightmares where I was driving in my dad’s car, which we nicknamed the green frog (read more about that car nickname here) and all of the sudden the devil took the wheel and went on a joyride while I lay terrified in the back seat. Perhaps I had just learned about the devil in Sunday school or something, but that I’m not sure of.

Another vivid memory I have as a teenager was visiting my friend Zahida’s house, we were hanging out in the kitchen while she did the dishes, chatting about teenage things, and I remember complaining to her that doing dishes was my absolute least favorite chore – as it still is- to which she responded she liked to watch the soap bubbles wash over the dish after it is clean, it was calming or relaxing or something to that effect. The image of the soap bubbles going through the colander that she was washing is still crystal clear in my head.

I wonder which memories will stay with Adam, if he will mostly remember good things. I hope he remembers our morning dance sessions to the theme song to Curious George – I think I get into it even more than he does!

One thing I am sure he will remember – standing in the cold posing for blog pictures like we did for today’s post…outfit details below!

Note: Adam’s hat is from a new company called Astro Hats, started by a good friend of mine! She gets pure wool fabrics and the highest quality materials from Europe to create super warm hats. I already bought one for all of my nephews and nieces!

Ann_Taylor_Jcrew_ Ann_taylor_Jcrew_Lady_Coat_Thinsulate Ann_Taylor_Joggers Ann_taylor_Pants_Jcrew_Coat

My outfit details – Coat: J.Crew | Pants: Ann Taylor (available in small, they run a bit big) – Here is a similar style (30% off!) and Here is another style I love (on sale 40% off!) | Boots: Vince Camuto | Top: J.Crew (extra 40% off!)|Necklace: J.Crew

Adam’s hat: Astro Hats

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