Joules Clothing + Love Zahra

The other night I was chatting with some born-and-raised Chicagoans, about the differences between Chicago and Northern California, where I grew up. One thing that stood out to me when I moved here was just how much people talk about the weather. It seemed to be the major topic of the day, every single day. I barely ever paid attention to the weather growing up because, not surprisingly, it was pretty much always nice. Now I watch that Tom Skilling weather report like a hawk because I realize the weather is going to affect almost every aspect of my day, starting with what I should wear. Because the second thing I learned when I moved to Midwest was just how important it is to pick the right pieces to wear when the temperatures dip, or face potential hypothermia.

Do I need to bundle up, layer up, or just bring a light jacket? Are my regular shoes going to cut it, or do I need to bring in the big guns and wear some heavy rain boots?

Today’s look is an example of the perfect cold weather outfit. My feet are kept extra toasty in these Joules rain boots, that are lined with a quilted fabric that basically feels like a down comforter in your shoes. The Joules Raisa Parka is long and has an adjustable waist-tie which keeps you from adding unnecessary bulk. Add some fingerless mittens – because smart phones, obviously – and you are all set!

This navy parka is such a necessary staple for every wardrobe. Because of its length, it will look great worn over anything else you choose to wear, even over your pj’s on a lazy Sunday when you just need to run out for a gallon of milk and don’t feel like changing. No one else needs to know…

Joules_Faux_Wax_Raisa_Rain_BootsJoules_Rain_Boot_Pashli_SatchelJoules_ParkaJoules_Parka_Rain_Boots Joules_Rain_Boots

Outfit details: Parka: Thanks to Joules | Boots: Thanks to Joules | Top: J.Crew (30% off with code: GiveThis) | Bag: Nordstrom 

Joules clothing is one of the hottest British brands known for their high-quality clothing and accessories for families who love to go out and about and live life to the fullest. One of my favorite things about them – they are not shy about using color or prints! They recently moved across the pond and are quickly making a big impact here in the states. Check out more about Joules clothing here.

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