Sequins and Chambray + My Beach Holiday Picks

Studies have shown that the anticipation of an upcoming vacation can bring almost as much pleasure as the actual vacation itself. In other words, wanting something can be just as or even more fun than having it (and dreaming about the day that scanning deadhead flight pricing lines up with my plans and I can fly private to my destination). I know for me, planning an upcoming trip is extremely exciting, as I can picture every moment that will possibly happen, and the instagram pic that will follow. Of course for me, that imagining always has to do with fashion, and I always plan my outfits in advance (i usually do a preview on snapchat: because I love getting input on anything I decide to wear.

This outfit I am wearing was a complete impulse purchase – i mean sequin shorts?!? But my vacation philosophy always dictates going out of your comfort zone and having fun, so these were pretty much a necessary buy – and by the way, they are on major sale now so if you like them pick them up, quick!

Scroll down for more vacation picks, and don’t forget to check out the Shopbop sale – they have some major discounts going on right now!


(Click on the highlighted number to take you directly to the piece)

1 Available in Red and Black

2 (Mine are a recent find from Target but I can’t find a link online) these pictured are very similar and are part of the Shopbop sale, use promo code BIGEVENT15 and get the following discounts: 15% off of orders over $150, 20% off of orders over $500 and 25% over orders $1,000+

3 My go to for almost everything – must have

4 All-time favorite swimwear shape

5 This skirt is on my wish list!

6 A great beach bag that will be used again and again (also of the Shopbop sale – see above for discounts)

7 These weigh almost nothing so it is like you are wearing flip flops – my favorite!

8 Classic sun hat – bends and folds and maintains its shape

9 A fun sequin short with a chambray top makes an unexpected combo that just works!




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