Cold Shoulders and 4 Tips On How To Stress Less About Shopping

I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion, on a deeper level in terms of how it affects us emotionally and personally. What you are wearing can change your mood entirely, as anyone who works from home can attest, the days you spend in pajamas are probably a lot less productive as the days you take the time to put on something nice. Though I don’t believe it completely defines a person, your choice of clothing also tells the world a little about who you are, your personality. How you feel and what you tell the world about you are two pretty big reasons to care about what you put on. If you are reading this blog though, you probably already care about style and fashion, and that is a very good thing! However…

Do you ever feel paralyzed by either the need to constantly shop and keep up with ‘trends’? Does it upset you if someone you know has the latest ‘it bag’ that is way out of your budget? Is your closet over flowing with stuff but you still feel like you have nothing to wear? These are all feelings I have had at varying levels throughout the years, but throughout my style evolution (aka this blog) I’ve found the way to deal with all of these emotions, and it has made me tremendously happier!

A little background, I’ve gone completely across the spectrum from shopping frivolously in mostly fast-fashion stores to completely restricting my shopping to only buy Designer things that I am certain I will wear for many years. But the former left me with a closet full of poorly-made ‘stuff’ I wasn’t all that excited about, and the latter stressed me out too much as each purchase had to be a carefully calculated ‘investment’ piece. I’m now comfortably in the middle, investing in things like shoes and bags, and letting myself hit the high street for trendy items.

Fashion should be fun and easy.  You should be able to be equally confident wearing high-end designer pieces or thrift shop finds.

If you get caught up with negative thoughts, here are a few things you can do:

1. Remember that you are what makes the outfit, not the other way around. There is always going to be a new must-have, so the goal should be to fill your closet with less things overall, but just more things that you really love. Blogger Hoda of JooJoo Azad put it perfectly when she said ‘5 things you can’t go without in a capsule wardrobe are your confidence, smile, intelligence, warmth, and bad-assery! After that, you can make even a paper bag look amazing.’ Read the full interview here.

2. Don’t overthink it. Have fun and experiment with trends- shop wherever you like, don’t limit yourself to only high end boutiques and department stores. When in doubt, remember the above tip.

3. Try thrift shopping – I admit I used to turn up my nose at the idea of shopping second hand, but in my defense it was partly because I felt the whole process of digging through tons of clothes exhausting. I must say though, the feeling of finding something amazing for less than what I might spend on a latte completely overrides any exhaustion. For a guide on thrifting, check out this book by blogger Patrice of Looking Fly On A Dime.

4. Work out. Yes I know this one may not seem like a solution, but trust me getting out of your head and doing something that gets your blood pumping will not only make you feel better mentally, but will also definitely make you look better in what you do wear.

If you have any other tips that have worked for you, please share!


Now, on to today’s look. When design houses like Burberry, Lanvin, and Chloe show 70’s inspired fashion for both Spring and Fall 2015, it makes perfect sense why off-the shoulder tops are having a major moment. In terms of adding a little demure sexiness to your look, I say – a little shoulder never hurt nobody!

Here are two off-shoulder looks I wore recently, and scroll down for some more options at every  price point.

denim-skirt-off-the-shoulder-topchicao-premium-outlets-memorial-day-sale-1 hm-off-the-shoulder-topchicao-premium-outlets-memorial-day-sale4 Lulus-sandalschicao-premium-outlets-memorial-day-sale6 off-the-shoulder-top-patricianashbagLook 1: Denim Skirt: Thrifted – Similar Style  | Top: H&M (recent) | Sandals: Lulus |Fringe Bag: Thanks to Patricia Nash Designs | Hand Forged Necklace: Thanks to Lesouque  (launching soon!)| Watch: Thanks to Follie Follie |Bangle Bracelet: Thanks to Rocksbox (Get a free trial of Rocksbox using special offer code Lovezahraxoxo at checkout!)

Look 2: Top: Nordstrom (I sized up two sizes for a longer top) | Jeans: Paige Denim (and here are new ones I recently picked up and absolutely love!) | Bag: Chanel – similar style | Heels: Zara – Similar Style| Ring: David Yurman | Watch: Michele

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