Love Zahra + Enza Essentials + My Favorite Anti-Aging Products

EnzaLet’s talk for a second about aging. It’s one of those things we all kind of ignore until it’s so obviously occurring that we can’t deny it. I still embrace naturally aging but at the same time, I don’t want it to happen sooner than it has to. Many women like me look towards supplements, such as nmn anti aging to help them with their aging skin. These methods are quite a popular option when it comes to creams, oils and tablets. Like my grey hair – yes my hair has been going grey since i was 25 – well actually it’s been going white, it just skips past grey and goes stark white so as to be the most apparent against my black hair. Yup. We are being really real today on Love Zahra. Going back to skincare and aging, it’s so important to keep your skin as healthy as possible to make sure it doesn’t age earlier than it has to. One way of keeping skin healthy and bright is by using a chemical peel. By visiting a website like, people could learn about the benefits of chemical peels for the skin.

My skin used to break out randomly, and I would get blemishes all the time. I always had to cover it up using makeup which would sometimes make the situation worse. Now after several months of diligently sticking to my day and night routine, my skin looks better than it ever had before.

I was so confused as to how to build the perfect skincare routine, with all of the information available out there. I used to just pick up a face wash that looked good to me, or maybe one that a friend recommended to me, then I would try the latest moisturizer that was being promoted. Some friends once told me I needed to use Retinol, so I bought a fancy product and then some other friends warned me never to use it!

Then Enza Essentials asked me to review their products. I don’t think it could have come at a better time either. They first ask you a few questions about your skin type and then determine your routine for you. I have been using the saturation suite (which is on Sale now with an extra 20% off when you purchase the entire suite) for several months now, and I am extremely happy with the results, so much so that I created this video about my day/night skincare routine.

If you follow me on instagram @zahra_sandberg, you know that three months ago today (exactly, though I hadn’t planned for that) I received a sample of Enza Essentials Tri-peptide Cell Activator cream to review. I was really excited because just that week I had watched an episode of Dr. Oz where he was talking about the importance of taking care of your skin based on your aging type. For example someone who is interested in preventing wrinkles will have different needs than someone who is preventing sagging skin. Just look at your mother and grandmother to get an idea of what your aging type is. Mine is sagging skin, for which they recommended using a peptide cream because it activates the cells and keeps them supple and prevents sagging. Of course, if I wanted to go down a surgical route, no doubt people like the best plastic surgeons in Denver would have treatments and procedures available that could help tighten skin and improve its appearance. But, for now, I’m content with my home skincare, so was pretty excited to try out the Enza Essentials cream and see what that all about.

The tri-peptide cell activator cream uses a secret ingredient that is derived from apples, that helps prevent aging skin, and also reduces fine lines and crows feet. It might seem a little pricey but since you only need to use a tiny bit at a time, it lasts a while. I have been using mine for three months and there is still a lot left in the bottle.

The key ingredients are:

Malus Domestica Fruit Stem Cell Culture Extract
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 Advanced Peptide
Resveratrol: Powerful antioxidant, anti-aging.

My nightly routine: after I cleanse and tone my skin, I first apply the gentle exfoliating glycolic serum, to really open up the skin and allow for the Tripeptide cell activator to settle in. Then I use an eye creme, and after applying herbal moisturizer, I dab a layer of liquid gold serum.

If you are just as confused about your skincare as I was, or you aren’t happy with the line you are currently using, I would definitely check out Enza Essentials and give it a try.

Other ways I keep my skin looking its best is by making sure that I eat high quality foods, including tons of fruit and vegetables (certified Kale smoothie freak), and also working out as often as I can. I never deprive myself of anything one food though, like I absolutely never give up carbs, because then I just start fixating on whatever I am deprived of and that isn’t helpful nor is it sustainable – I’ve learned. My favorite way to workout is doing yoga, specifically hot yoga. After I leave a hot yoga class I swear I feel 5 years younger and 5 pounds lighter! Lately though I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to make it to the studio, but I discovered a website called, and now I do it at home whenever I can! My favorite teachers are Jo Tastula and Claudine Lafond, if you do try it out.

A little more about the company: Enza Essentials was formed in 1993 by celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Rucker, who was looking for products he could recommend to his clients when he couldn’t find them in the marketplace. He also wanted to create skin care that could be individualized to the woman, since all women have different skin and different concerns. The products are pure and plant derived and they use the highest quality ingredients.

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