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One struggle I’ve always had with blogging is defining one writing style and sticking to it – am I witty and sarcastic like the blogger Man Repeller, or am I insightful and eloquent like Garance Dore? I find that some days I can be either of those voices, and some days I may be cheery and upbeat, and my use of exclamation points may even be bordering on is excessive. Why do we need to neatly fit into one niche or category anyway? Is it some plan the evil marketing gods hatched up to be able to sell us stuff more easily?

The problem I have is I am all of those voices, and choosing one would be like putting me in some sort of box. Being categorized into what I am not, is what I’ve rebelled against my entire life, so there’s no way I am going to do it here on my own blog. I believe we as people are complicated, and we can feel a wide range of emotions and be a lot of different things at once. One person can all at once be a social butterfly and an introvert, a lover and a fighter, an artist and a scientist, a Beyonce and a Solange. (For the .0001 percent of you who don’t get that reference, Beyonce is a glam goddess and Solange is more of a hippy indie chick)

When it comes to style I am exactly the same way. I have the hardest time describing my style, and (not surprisingly) it is always the first question anyone ever asks a Style Blogger. Sometimes I feel very ‘New York’ and wear minimalist black and grey clothing and other days I’m feeling like I’ve got a princess crown on my head and I just want to put on a pink tulle skirt and wear my favorite wooden watch. If you’re looking for something similar, a lot of these watches are available online at a minimal price. Instead of fighting my multiple personalities, I’ve come to embrace them. If you are like me, I suggest instead of trying to narrow yourself into one style, one voice, or one mood, just be yourself, whoever that may be on any given day.

Today, I am not going to lie, I am feeling myself in this outfit. Whenever I am wearing an eclectic mix of really cool pieces, I feel like what an artist must feel after painting a portrait or sculpting a figure. Fashion is just as much of an art and form of expression as any other medium. One of my favorite pieces I’m wearing is my wooden watch from Jord – I wear it all the time and I am always getting compliments on it because it is so unique.

Jord, which is Swedish for earth, soil, or land, works with a collective of designers to create modern, beautiful and sustainable timepieces. Since I’ve been on my journey to only shop ethical and sustainable brands, I happily and proudly flaunt my Jord watch regularly. Since it is wooden, it works really well with casual and boho style outfits, and here I’ve styled it for a more dressed up look. I love it when my accessories are versatile enough to wear many ways – don’t you?

As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend~


zara-lace-up-heels- jord-watch-rocksbox-bangle-givenchy-antigona

jord-watch-rocksbox-bracelet topshop-sleeveless-trench-zara-lace-up-heelsWatch: Thanks to Jord | Sleeveless duster: Topshop | Dress: Thanks to Shopstyle – Similar Style and Similar Style – midi length| Sandals: Zara – Similar Style (on major sale!) and Similar Style (under $100) |Hat: RVCA | Bag: GivenchySimilar Style (on sale under $55!) | Bracelet and Ring: Rocksbox – (Get your free trial month with code Lovezahraxoxo!)

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