Summer Favorites



Dress | Sandals – Similar Style (under $35)| Bag | Bracelets | Nail Polish | Earrings | Sunglasses Similar Style (Under $300) and Similar Style (under $30)| Hat |

These past few deliciously hot summer days have been spent mostly out in our backyard. I grew up in a very hot climate so whenever the temperatures go above 80 degrees, I absolutely have to be outside. I just like to sit back and soak in the sun listening to music, and then later when the sun goes down, getting a fire going. Even when it was 90 degrees at night we had the fire going, even though we were seriously sweating, we just love the ambiance – and the fact that it keeps the mosquitos at bay (a little). Adam loves playing with anything that can get him soaked – from swimming pools to water balloons to squirt guns, and even just the garden hose.

Since summer is now officially in full swing (finally!), I have been looking for some key pieces to add to my wardrobe that will work with my new lazy summer lifestyle. The only requirements I have at the moment: it must be comfortable as well as loose fitting, and sturdy enough to handle the elements. There is nothing worse than hanging out outside worrying about ruining your clothes.

There are a few things that I currently have my eye on, like this off-the-shoulder mini dress that could also easily be worn as a cover-up, which I would pair with espadrille sandals that I have been coveting for some time now. I am also thinking of wearing this dress belted as a top, over a trouser pant or even skinny jeans for an indoor occasion, or for when I am simply looking to cover up my ever growing collection of mosquito bites on my legs, which is truly the one and only gripe I do have about summer…

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