A Little Flare

Lately I’ve been loving long flared trousers paired with sky high heels for an evening out. I especially love when the waist has an interesting detail like a bow, so when you tuck in a simple blouse or cami, you get an instant hourglass silhouette. A great statement necklace is always on my radar, and I love how this one reminds me of something a Pakistani bride might wear. This ring with chain is so fun, I’ve never seen anything like it – it is both dainty and edgy at the same time – which is a balance I am always looking to achieve.

These days we have been extremely busy getting our home in shape for visitors, which is forcing us to take care of a lot of tasks that we have been putting off. I am even helping with priming and refinishing our backyard deck, which is what I would classify as ‘hard labor’ but since the weather is so good – I’ll take any excuse to be outside! Also, Adam and I recently discovered/rekindled our love for the public library – (side note: I might be ignorant but when did libraries get so awesome? They have coffee shops, theaters, kids play rooms, and of course a few books) – and we have been devouring our new reads every night before bed. I’m also reading this novel a friend recommended and it is so good I would definitely check it out if you are looking for a new read.

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