Designer Consignment for South Asian Clothing: DCxAsra

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to try out the newly launched service, DCxAsra, where you can buy or sell designer South Asian clothing. The clothes are guaranteed to be in excellent condition or they won’t sell them. Since I rarely repeat my South Asian outfits (thanks, Instagram!) being able to buy my favorite designer brands at a huge discount was a very exciting concept.

It was especially timely for me because I’ve been looking for ways to shop more socially conscious, and also for ways to pair down my own wardrobe. Shopping second-hand clothing is probably the best way you can possibly reduce your carbon footprint and selling your barely used clothing is a great way to clear out those suitcases full of South Asian outfits that have probably only had one wear.

In order to sell your clothing, you can go to the DCxAsra website, and they will send you a shipping label to send your items. They will determine which outfits are suitable for selling and they will do all of the marketing and promotion to get your item sold.

I chose this pretty seafoam green Agha Noor suit, and it arrived beautifully packaged and pressed. I believe mine was brand new, but I understand the company will dry clean and press every outfit prior to sending it. I wore this for Eid and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. A few of the other designers DCxAsra carries include: Manish Malhotra, HSY, Mehdi, Sana Safinaz, Taufiq Hussain, Jamdaani, Threads and Motifs, Ruby Shakel, and Sania Maskatiya. They have a great selection of casual to formal looks so head over to their site to see what the current inventory looks like. Overall my designer consignment experience was very good, and I will definitely be going back to shop again in the near future.

What do you think about Designer Consignment for South Asian clothing? Would you try it?

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