Our Birthday Celebration with Evite

After a few years of being married, it seems like our birthdays are beginning to lose some of their luster. It just keeps getting harder and harder to come up with gifts that will really impress each other. In my case especially, Tom has every material thing he could want, and he has yet to use several of the ‘experience’ gifts that I have bought him over the years, including private golf lessons, and some others I think are most likely expired by now. For Father’s day this year I bought him everything he was in need of, including underwear and socks, which I know is kind of lame – even if they were the fancy work socks. So for his birthday that just passed, I made sure that we did something really special – with the help of Evite – to make his day.

If you follow me on snapchat @lovezahra.com, you know that I love to cook. I don’t seem to have a knack for baking though – so I thought it would be great if I were to get out of my comfort zone and bake Tom’s favorite – oatmeal raisin cookies, with a little help from my sous chef Adam. It was a lot of fun – and extremely messy – but we were able to bake the most amazing oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve ever had, get the recipe I used here.

After baking a batch (and eating a few) we took a selfie with our cookies and created a customized Evite invitation for Tom and invited him home to enjoy some homemade milk and cookies with us in honor of his birthday. The card we chose was absolutely perfect because we could upload our selfie, and the style of it completely reflected our laid back personalities.  Needless to say Tom was thrilled with our gift, immediately after he got the invite, we face timed and he got to see just how messy the kitchen (and Adam) actually got.

It felt so good to see how excited Adam was to play such a big role in his daddy’s birthday, and then watching Tom take seconds – then thirds – of his favorite dessert. I knew this  was one experience he wasn’t going to forget. Birthday mission: accomplished.

Today I’m excited to be partnering up with online Invitation company, Evite as a part of their #LifeisBetter campaign. We had so much fun creating our own custom invite to surprise Tom. Evite’s have really come a long way since they first rolled out – there are lots of beautiful pre-made design options and you can personalize them in so many ways. It’s so much easier to send an evite if you are hosting a party because tracking guests and rsvp’s can be such a nightmare.

Right now for Love Zahra readers,  Evite is offering 15 Free Thank You Cards using promo code: ZSTHANKYOU15 (which is good through 11/30/15)  ~ Enjoy!

<Special thanks to my lovely sister for snapping these photos! >






Right now get 15 Free Thank You Cards using promo code: ZSTHANKYOU15 (good through 11/30/15)

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Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the South Asian Blogger Network as a part of the Evite Influencer Program. All views expressed are truthful, and my own.




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