Camel Coat and Ripped Jeans

Every year around this time, people start talking about New Year’s resolutions. Then there are of course, plenty of people who have realized their resolutions never stick, so they’ve quit making them altogether. I personally like to think about self-improvement often, and the New Year is as good of a time than any to do it. For me, one area I am always trying to improve on is health and fitness. When I am really consistent about my workouts, I am so much happier because not only do I look better physically, but my mind is clear and I have tons of energy. I recently read an article about building better habits that pretty much blew my mind. The gist of it is, we all have a finite amount of willpower – it is like a muscle that can fatigue, so in order to maintain whatever it is we are hoping to maintain, we need to make it a habit so it  that we don’t need to use up our valuable willpower to do it, whether that goal is to eat right, work out, sleep more, or anything else you could possibly imagine. The key is to do it consistently, without giving yourself the chance to slip back into your old ways. You also have to understand why you are doing it, so you have a real underlying reason for actually keeping it up. Sounds pretty simple right? And I’m a big fan of simple. What are some of your resolutions??

About the look: I’ve been on the lookout for a wool camel colored coat for a while now, and when a friend sent me a pic of this one which was on major sale, I just couldn’t not get it. It comes with a removable leather dickey that I am currently wearing, which I think makes it a little edgier. I’m wearing a size 2 and it fits perfectly.

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veronica-beard-chesterfield-camel-coat veronica-beard-chesterfield-coat-camel vbcamelcoatCoat: Veronica Beard (On sale now in a couple of sizes 50% off!) – here is a Similar Style and Similar Style    in pink that I’m in love with! | Jeans: Zara | Booties: Thanks to Old Navy | Sweater: Banana Republic (On Sale 50% Off) | Bag: Chanel – Similar Style | Tee (not shown) Profound Aesthetic 

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