Fitness Inspiration with Carbon 38

Today’s post is quite possibly one of my favorite Blogger Nation collaborations to date, featuring Carbon 38. The activewear company has some of the most fashionable fitness wear I’ve ever seen. The origin of the company is almost just as remarkable as the fabulous range of pieces they carry – classically trained ballet dancers who went to Harvard then became a celebrity Personal Trainer and Fashion Industry mogul respectively (for prestigious fashion house such as Yves Saint Laurent, I might add). Read the founders story here.  They carry multiple lines ranging from big name designers like Stella McCartney, to smaller privately-held companies, but the one thing the clothes have in common is they are NOT your average workout wear.

Up until just a couple of years ago, my workout wardrobe consisted of old college t-shirts and leggings from the h&m basics section. The idea was if I am going to sweat in them, they might as well be cheap. Once I started venturing into the arena of performance clothing, however, there was no turning back. I started with a great sports bra, and I realized how the right fit and fabric can make working out so much easier and more comfortable.

Recently I had a revelation of sorts in regards to working out and fitness. For many years I’ve been loyal to only one kind of workout – yoga. The gym always sort of intimidated me because I hated trying to figure out the weight machines, and was supremely self-conscious in front of people. However, recently on a complete whim, and sort of as a personal challenge, I took a strength training course at my local gym and surprisingly, I absolutely loved it. The class was fun and had an upbeat vibe, and the instructor was really good at explaining how to lift the weights properly, so I felt really comfortable.

My body felt like jello afterwards, but I knew that I was moving in the right direction and would become stronger every time. Also, a side effect from all that sweating – my skin which is normally dry and dull in winter, started looking really fresh and toned. Taking that step out of my comfort zone and finding myself really enjoying it gave me some major confidence, and it propelled me to continue doing more good things for myself, like eating well and taking some ‘me’  time to meditate or take a bath. It is amazing how one step in the right direction can have a positive ripple effect in so many areas of life.

Now I’m excited to try new classes at the gym, and I’m definitely noticing a positive difference in both my body and my energy levels. One of my latest obsessions has been getting really amazing fitness gear so I look just as confident as I feel. This pullover I’m wearing is so cute, when I’m not working out, I wear it with skinny jeans and heels. It is actually fun to get dressed and go work out in these clothes. I was immediately drawn to these leggings with the lion print – it looks really ‘tough girl’ cool, which is exactly what I want to be when I’m pushing myself during a workout.

Now that we are about to start a brand new year, I’m excited to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone and seeing what the ripple effects may be, hope you do too!

(I’ve also since purchased these and highly recommend!  1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

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carbon-38- carbon-38-we-are-handsome-leggings carbon-38-workout-gear-mesh-pulloverlion-leggings-we-are-handsome-carbon38 carbon38-We-Are-HandsomePullover sweater: Carbon 38 |Sports Bra: Carbon 38 (on Sale!)| Leggings: Carbon 38 (On Sale over 50% off!) | Shoes: Nike 

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