Boyfriend Jeans + White Pumps

Even though technically I’m in California, the weather has been rainy, so my go to has really been boyfriend jeans and cozy knits. I live in my favorite Levi’s 501CT jeans that I have in two washes – see how I previously styled them here and here. I’m also doing a lot of running around and also eating (see my snapchat for more) so comfort is my number one priority. In terms of cool factor, I think boyfriend jeans + heels > skinny jeans + heels any day.

Adam has been loving all of the attention he is getting from family, and I think it might be getting to his  head a bit since he has been increasingly defiant and even talking back to me. The worst was when we took him to McDonalds to play on the slides and he wouldn’t leave, then he argued with me about using the mens restrooms instead of the women because he’s ‘a boy not a girl!’ and even though I explained he can only go in to the men’s restrooms when he is with his daddy, he just blew me off and walked right in anyway. I nearly lost it but instead I started counting loudly because he knows if I count to three, he is in big trouble. He came out right then, but it was a few hours yet before he changed his tune and apologized. This parenting thing doesn’t seem to be getting any easier – as someone once told me, the bigger the kid, the bigger the problems.

I have been staying sane by my morning workouts which I am amazed I have been able to keep up on vacation (knock on wood!). As long as I can remember I’ve always packed workout clothes for every trip, but usually the clothes and shoes lay cold and untouched in my suitcase. I even tried a fun Zumba class with my mom where I felt completely ridiculous at the start, but by the end of it was shaking it like the best of them. My yoga sessions have really helped me through the Adam drama, reminding me to be grateful and to cherish what is really most important in life. Basically what that comes down to is one word, family. Speaking of, they have a cup of tea waiting for me so I’d better get back – thanks for visiting as always ~ xx
white-shoes-boyfriend-jeans levis-boyfriend-jeans-white-heelswhite-heels-boyfriend-jeans-levis-jcrew white-heels-jeans-winter-styleBoyfriend Jeans: Levi’s | Sweater: J.Crew (on sale with code SHOPSALE)  | Heels: Gilt (sold out) – Similar Style (on sale – under $80!)

 I want to share a project I’m currently working on- I’m so excited to be partnering with the Windy City Shoe Travelers for their Chicago Shoe Market tradeshow on January 19th – 20th! There you will get your first look at the Fall 2016 collections of over 100 brands, some of my favorites include Toms, Superga, Frye, Steve Madden, Timberland and Sorel. For bloggers, this would be a great place to meet potential brands to collaborate with, and for brands big and small, it would be really easy to get promotion alongside some of these top tier brands. This event is still accepting retailer registrations, and is open to media, (including bloggers). Contact Bernice VanBuhler at for more information on attending or showcasing your product.




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