Quilted Jacket and The Boots With (faux) Fur

2016 is going to be a good year I can tell. I gather from most of my friends and family that this year they are not trying to dramatically change their routines or who they are, instead they are looking to change their perspective to one that is more accepting and grateful. That is a beautiful thing. Even magazines like Vogue and InStyle have themed their January issue ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘The Best Year Ever’ – further promoting the idea that we are all ok as we are. Personally it is something that I am just now starting to feel, after being my own worst critic for years (aren’t most of us though?). There is a difference between pushing yourself to be better and beating yourself up for not being something. The first one comes from a place of love, which will always win in the long run.

In a recent yoga class the teacher explained to us that as humans, we are naturally inclined to constantly think about the next moment, a point in the future, rather than be present in the now. So essentially we could spend our whole lives that way and never really appreciate or enjoy any of it. One of my favorite poems goes like this – when asked by a student, What is God? The Sufi Saint Kabir responded, he is the breath within the breath. This year I plan to breathe a little more deeply and appreciate the moments more fully.

Today’s look I wore over the weekend for what has now become my favorite weekend ritual of running errands, grocery shopping, and then brunching at my favorite place, Egg Harbor, as a family. I’m wearing my favorite Chelsea Charles Count Me Healthy bracelets, that I use to keep track of how many glasses of water I drink and how many times I work out each week. You just slide over a bead any time you do whatever it is you are monitoring, It is an easy way to stick to your New Year’s health goals! I highly recommend.

We are just now getting our usual winter temps so I’m taking the time to really layer up – and a blanket scarf is always good to have on hand. These boots have an extra warm faux fur lining which is so necessary for me because my hands and feet are always cold. Of course, when it comes to bundling up, shoulders don’t  count ~

Have a great week and thanks for visiting! xx
old-navy-quilted-jacket-zara-jeans-seychelles-boots zara-blanket-scarf-old-navy-quilted-jacket-seychelles-boots shoulder-cut-out-zara-chelsea-charles-count-me-healthyTop: Zara | Jacket: Thanks to Old Navy | Blanket Scarf: Zara | Boots: Seychelles | Watch: :Thanks to Folli Follie | Bracelets: Thanks to Chelsea Charles| Rings: Rocksbox (get your free trial of Rocksbox using code Lovezahraxoxo) | Jeans: Zara | Sunnies: Celine

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