Spring Style With ASOS + Hi Low Dress and Leather Jacket

If you follow me on Snap @lovezahra.com, you know that over the weekend I was in a bit of a mood and sort of wallowing in self-pity. Honestly I was just feeling a little stretched thin with my to-do list, and also sort of questioning myself and some of my choices, specifically quitting my job to focus on my blog. I was thinking about how little actual effort I used to have to put in to get hugely rewarded both financially and personally with the positive acknowledgement from both my superiors and my peers. I worked in sales and sold a service that was excellent, so it wasn’t hard, and the work just came naturally to me. Now working for myself and juggling blogging for both my own blog and other publications, interior design projects, and personal styling, and also the stuff I used to rarely do like cooking and cleaning and taking care of Adam (which is a full-time job in itself) I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I have a list of projects that I can’t even get to because I’m barely getting the most basic tasks done daily. At the end of the day I worry my big leap to do my own thing and create my own future, may end up a failure.

After I shared my feelings with the Snap fam, I received a ton of sweet words of encouragement from so many people – seriously guys I felt the love! I know a lot of us feel the same no matter where we are in life, we sometimes set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and then we are disappointed when we don’t meet them. Someone told me to remember why I started in the first place, and that really snapped me back to reality. I can’t even measure how amazing it has been being able to spend my days with Adam, really getting to know his personality and quirks.

Then I read this awesome profile of an artist, Maja Cunningham, and her take on life just inspired me. Here’s an excerpt, ‘Family and health come first, the rest always finds a way of flowing in between and around it. Also, naps are a priority. Dishes, laundry, showers—not so much.’ Read her whole interview here – trust me she’s amazing.

The following day turned out to be a gorgeous day (that hit over 60 degrees!) so we decided to be tourists in our own city, rediscovering our love of Navy Pier. We had lunch and strolled up and down the Pier, and Adam was obsessed with the lighthouses and he kept asking if he could swim to them. I felt so grateful and happy when I realized that I have everything I could ever need right there with me at that moment, family and health.


With that new found enthusiasm, today we are kicking off our Spring Blogger Nation series, partnering with my blogger friends from around the country. If you are new to Love Zahra, every season we choose a few top brands to partner with and showcase our favorite trends. Since we all live across the country – literally from Florida to California – we all have a different take on what is exciting each season and how we style it.

This week it is all about ASOS. If you haven’t heard of ASOS, it is definitely one of my go to shopping sites to shop everything from designer to vintage (ASOS Marketplace) and everything in between. I especially love to get trendy and inexpensive dresses because they have an incredible selection. Also for mom’s or moms-to-be – the maternity stuff is so cute it almost makes me want to get pregnant again! Scroll down for more of our day at Navy Pier!

Also, click below the blogger to check out more of her look. Thanks for visiting! xx

navy-pier-day asos-barneys-originals-leather-jacket asos-hi-low-dress-leather-jacketnavy-pier-lighthouseadam-navy-pier Asos-hi-low-dress chicago navy-pier-tom-adam Asos-love-hi-low-dressDress: Thanks to ASOS  (I’m wearing a UK 8 and it is very fitted, so maybe size up for a looser fit) | Jacket: Thanks to ASOS | Leather look Leggings: Thanks to Spanx (I *live* in these leggings) | Boots: Seychelles  (on sale!)| Bag: Marc Jacobs

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