Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This year will mark 5 years of marriage and almost 9 years together for T and I, oh how the time does fly! Holidays like Valentine’s day tend to lose a bit of luster after you have been with someone for a while though, am I right? Add a kid or two in the mix and you might not even notice the date as any different than any other on the calendar -which is truly sad. I believe it is so important to always carve out moments to celebrate your love for each other, so when a friend of mine came to me with some personalized valentine’s day ideas, I started thinking about all the amazing ways that we could make the day special for each other again. My friend told me about this website that could make personalized Moon lamps (or Lámpara de Luna con Foto Personalizada if you’re Spanish). He decided to make one that had the photo of him and his wife on their wedding day, and he couldn’t wait to see her face on Valentine’s Day. That sounded amazing, it got me thinking of some ideas of my own! And the fact is, there are so many different ideas for different couples – perhaps you just want to get something small and sentimental – in which case a Film roll keychain will be right down you street, customized with photos of the both of you. Oh how the variation in gifts these days makes it so hard to choose just one!

Below are five Valentine’s day gift ideas that I think are all really easy and budget-friendly, but also a bit extra special…which is your favorite? valentines-day-minted-art1. Customized foil-pressed art prints – starting at $60 these are a beautiful way to share your favorite poems, quotes, or even your wedding vows! I chose a verse that I love by Sufi master Hafez (though its authenticity as a proper translation of the work of Hafez is highly debated – I still love it).valentines-day-gift-camera

2. I’ve had my instant camera (on sale now!) for a couple of years now and I just love the way it captures the moment like no other. Be sure to take a few pictures of yourself to personalize it even more, and add some of your valentine’s favorite sweets – mine loves his Swedish fish!

valentines-day-gift-rocksbox3. Give a Rocksbox subscription. The other day my husband bought me a bracelet, and it was lovely, but as it turned out, I had almost the exact same piece already! I am the biggest Wonder Woman fan, and it was a Wonder Woman bracelet he got me, he ironically thought ‘to the rescue!’ but I had to let him down gently I brought myself the same piece a few weeks back. Jewelry is always a great gift idea, but instead of agonizing over which one to buy, try gifting a subscription to Rocksbox. After a short profile survey, a stylist picks pieces that you will love, and you can either purchase at a discounted price, or you can send back (free shipping) when you are done wearing them and get another box of new pieces! I even have a free code for your first month, it is lovezahraxoxo – enter that at checkout and you are good for a trial month!valentinesdaygift-bijou-candles4. Gift a luxurious Bijou candle. The style of these reusable resin based candle holders is inspired by 19th century French modernism and expressionism. I love that you can refill the same holder with a new candle – or use it as a pretty tray for anything from jewelry to candy- how brilliant is that? I am currently burning the Bois de Vanilla Bijou of the Boudoir collection, and it is absolutely divine.valentines-day-baking-cupcakesvalentines-day-cupcakesvalentines-day-gift-candy5. Gift something sweet! A little natural dopamine-boost every once in a while won’t hurt anyone 😉 Bonus points if you make it, and extra bonus points if you involve your children and make it a family affair. If you aren’t up for the task of baking, grab some cute valentine’s day candy – I love the ‘Hottie’ Hot Tamales and the ‘UR GR8’ heart-shaped Russel Stovers. You also can’t go wrong with heart shaped candies or conversation hearts either!

Honorary mention for all the gamers out there – give your partner roms of classic Nintendo games like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda etc. You can find nds rom for various games at websites like Gamulator and give your partner the surprise of a lifetime!

More lessons I’ve learned and try to live by: don’t take anything for granted, don’t wait to say you are sorry, and always show how much you love someone, don’t just say it. Happy Valentines Day!

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