Vaseline + Love Zahra + Whats In My #NYFW Bag?

Growing up I can’t recall a time that we ever ran out of Vaseline. Mom used to buy the jumbo tubs from Costco, and there was one in every bedroom and bathroom in the house. With my super dry skin, it was the only thing that kept my lips from getting chapped and also kept my elbows and knees from getting ashy #browngirlproblems…

I remember one of my first instagram posts ever – back in the day when instagram was mostly ‘instant’- it was a pic of the then newly released teeny tiny versions of the original Vaseline tub, set next to a small bottle of Essie nail polish for a size reference. Side note: I wanted to share that original picture but after spending an exorbitant amount of time scrolling through my feed, I realized I had actually deleted it.

So you can only imagine my excitement when I received the newly released Vaseline Lip Tins, as well as an adorable chocolate cake in the shape of a lip tin – ha! To be honest I’m not actually sure which I was more excited about, the cake or the Vaseline, but that’s besides the point :). By far my favorite fragrance of all is the Rosy Lips, which smells of rose, vanilla, and red berry which as a combination is just incredible. The Aloe is really light and fresh, and the Cocoa Butter is rich and creamy.

The size of the tin is perfect to slip into a small clutch or a makeup bag, and it is easier to apply from the tin than the mini tub, since you can fit more than just the tip of your finger in at once.

The verdict: It is the same super hydrating product that I grew up with, but the new tins make them a lot more versatile and easy to carry, oh and they look super cute on the ‘gram. Always a plus.

You can get yourself a tin (or four) at any Target stores.

Scroll down to find out what are my must-haves in my bag during New York Fashion Week!

Note: This is a sponsored post,  all views expressed are purely my own.Vaseline-lip-tin-vogue-magazine-cake vaseline-lip-tins-vaseline-lip-tin--whats-in-my-bag-nyfw-vaseline

  1. Makeup remover wipes or Baby wipes– I love to keep these on hand in case I need to freshen up my makeup, or to wipe my hands, or even coffee spills on my clothes (a regular occurrence).
  2. Extra phone battery – Pretty self-explanatory for the social media inclined – I never leave home without extra battery power unless I know I’m going to be in close proximity to my a) home or b) car.
  3. Sustenance – My mom always taught me a woman always needs to be prepared, and her purse should have everything she needs in it. Mom also always had a huge purse which was basically a grocery store, pharmacy, and bank in one. I’m not quite at her level, but I do like to have a granola bar (or a Madagascar Vanilla Almond Bar in this case) in case I get hungry between shows and don’t have time to stop for a bit, and of course some Altoids for minty fresh breath.
  4. Moisturizer – for Lips, obviously I’m bringing my new Vaseline Rosy Lip Tin, and of course I had to bring the personalized one because I want to show my Fashion Week friends how cool I am, obvi.
  5. Makeup bag essentials – I never leave without my Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder, my Physicians Formula bronzer, a brush, and a couple of lipsticks and lip glosses in different shades – a nude and a dark usually. I also toss in some dental floss, a mini lint roller, a few hair ties, my phone chargers kept organized in a cord holder, and some safety pins just in case.

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