Gingham Trench + Boyfriend Jeans

I absolutely love being fancy. Traveling to exotic locales, tasting fine foods, wearing designer duds, its all my jam. It’s probably due to the fact that I was the fourth out of five children raised in a middle class home, where most of my material things were either hand-me-downs or bargain finds, so I’ve learned to really appreciate the things I couldn’t have.  (Oddly though, when it came to our South Asian clothing, or trips to Pakistan, we seemed to spare no expense – so I guess it was just a matter of Asian parent priorities.)

This past trip to New York filled my soul with all of my luxury dreams. From the fashion shows I attended, to the restaurants and bars we went to, everywhere I went was just so fabulous. One bar I will just call the ‘hipster bar’ where we danced and befriended pretty much everyone, I think something just clicked in me and I was over it. The music, the vibe, everything was just too ‘cool’ for me. You’ve heard of Netflix and chill, I just wanted to hear some Drake and chill. Side note: I even asked the dj to play some Drake and he didn’t oblige.

So maybe I’m actually not fancy at all – or my fancy-ness is all just relative.  If that’s the case I will whole-heartedly accept that. There’s nothing wrong with being just a little mainstream or even just a little basic – in fact, I’d argue to say that it is much cooler to be true to you, and own your basic-ness, whether that is wearing the bag that everyone and their mom has because you absolutely love it, or sticking to skinny jeans when the whole world is wearing mom jeans. Anything else, in my opinion, is trying too hard and that will ultimately leave you unhappy.

Today’s outfit post is from my visit to Laduree in Soho, where I met a good friend for lunch and of course to indulge in a few macarons. The Interior Designer in me was so excited because the decor in that place is just stunning, elegant, and so French. I imagined redoing my own closet inspired by  some of the luxe fabrics, and animal printed carpeting. Then i thought to myself, oh you fancy huh? (In my Drake voice) Then I answered myself, yes. Maybe I am.


gingham-jacketTrench: Nordstrom | Jeans: Levis | Boots: Sam Edelman (on sale extra 30% off!) | Bag: Chloe  | Top: Bailey 44

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