Personalized Beauty with Vaseline + Gigi New York

As I sit down to write this post (well after midnight), I find it completely ironic that my intended topic was going to be about my how I manage my time, especially with running a household, caring for Adam full-time, and working freelance – as anyone who has ever worked freelance knows it is typically a feast or famine type of workload. With kids, husbands, chores, work, its really a never ending set of tasks to accomplish. To be completely honest there are times where I want to shut down completely, and other times where I’m like okay, I’ve got this. So when i think of effectively managing time…I’m not quite sure I’m the expert. What I am getting pretty good at is balancing life.

 Here’s what I’ve figured out: My yoga teacher always says, ‘you are not responsible for another person’s happiness – only your own’. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I make sure to do things I know will make me happy. There’s nothing to gain from being the martyr. I’ll take a day off from work and chores and take Adam to the park and remember what being a kid felt like. I’ve also learned to not apologize for wanting ‘me time’ to take a bubble bath or hole up in my room with a book (or Netflix – just to be real). If I want to buy something for myself that is a little pricey I’ll just save up and buy it without the least bit of guilt. I also make sure to prioritize time for hobbies, exercise, girl time, and date night too – because as the saying goes – ‘life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’.

Today was one of those days I had to take for myself, this week had been particularly rough – The Sandberg’s took turns getting the flu, and I had several writing assignments due all at once. So today, I dropped Adam off at daycare and treated myself to a cappuccino and some people watching at the coffee shop, then headed to the hair salon for some fresh new highlights, and I finally got my nails done – which is actually more of a chore for me  but nevertheless – it makes me feel better afterwards!

For today’s post I’m partnering with my go-to moisturizer Vaseline once again (I’m a life long Vaseline Therapy user, and I tell you why in my Vaseline story here) but this time they have a very special promotion in collaboration with Gigi New York. I’m a sucker for anything personalized with my initials, it just makes me feel special, and Vaseline is personalizing their new lip tins which are perfectly sized to pop in to a Gigi New York personalized leather holder (see below). The holder comes with a chain and clasp that you can hook on to your bag handle or zipper. My favorite Vaseline flavor was the Rosy Lips at first, but now I’m actually starting to like the Aloe even better – its just incredibly fresh and soothing. You can also find these tins at your local Target store. Also side note: I checked and the lip tin holder is actually the perfect size to hold loose change, mints, or even to slide in a credit card or id card if you want to have it handy (the top flap will stay open but the cards will be in there perfectly snug).

I currently own a few Gigi New York pieces in my handbag collection – a clutch, crossbody, and a tote bag. A great tote bag is an absolute must for the girl on the go – I’ll put my wallet, makeup bag, and sometimes even my laptop and my camera in it all at once. The embossed python outer makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. Also, if you are looking for a special gift idea, their Spring handbag line is *so* good you must give it a look – their bags are super luxe, leather, and at a really good price point for the quality. Getting it personalized with initials will make the person you are giving it to know that you really put some thought behind it. The one I’m wearing in this post is the Teddy Tote in my idea of the perfect Spring color- Poppy.

Overall, today’s ‘me day’ couldn’t have gone smoother and it was just what I needed to get back on track. On top of that, even though I had already shot images for this blog post well in advance, I happened to be wearing my new bag today and also carrying my Vaseline lip tin in it already because, winter, so I had my stylist retake the pictures with my new hair and they turned out so much better than the originals! Things always seem to have a way of working out don’t they?

The promo runs until March 19th, where if you spend $100 or more at Gigi New York, you will receive a free personalized lip tin, as well as a leather personalized lip tin holder. You can also purchase just the personalized leather holder separately (at $30), and you will still get a personalized Vaseline Therapy Lip Tin!

Have a great weekend xx

Note: This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are my own – promise ~

bright-tote-gigi-new-yorkbright-pink-tote-gigi-new-york vaseline-lip-tins-gigi-new-yorkvaseline-lip-tin-personalized-holdervaseline-lip-tins-rose-original-aloevaseline-lip-tin-holderHair: Annalisa at Entourage Hair Salon

Personalized Lip Tin holder & Tote Bag: Thanks to  Gigi New York | Personalized Vaseline Lip Tin: Thanks to Vaseline| Scarf & Jeans: Zara | Bodysuit: Missguided | Watch: Thanks to Shore Projects | Bracelet: Thanks to Folli Follie | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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