How To Host A Tea Party with 3 Girls Party Decor

A few months ago I hosted an intimate afternoon tea party with a few girlfriends. Since I had never actually hosted one, I enlisted 3 Girls Party Decor to help turn my dining room into a dream-worthy tea room. I didn’t have to do anything except make tea and tiny sandwiches! Watch the video to see what you need to host the perfect tea party for your friends and family.

I first came across 3 Girls Party Decor when I attended a baby shower, and I remember commenting on how lovely the party was decorated. Then the mom-to-be introduced me to the owner who was attending the party as well. We talked about working together potentially but it wasn’t until over a year later that we actually made it happen.

Three girls party decor is a family business that focuses on personalized decor and rentals. They have a wide selection of linens, chairs, and decorations, but then also take it one step further and personalize, and even hand made decorations to your unique style – that flower cake on my table is one example. They are also not limited to doing small parties, in fact they are able to rent and decorate parties and weddings ranging from 5 to 300 people. Feel free to contact them for your next event!





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