No #FOMO with Target

I remember the day I bought my first designer bag – I agonized over the decision, and ultimately blew a whole paycheck on a purse, but I couldn’t have been happier waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. The funny thing about that feeling though is, it is fleeting, and pretty soon I had a handful of other equally pricey items I needed in my closet to feel happy again. In the blog world it is easy to get wrapped up in this cycle because you are constantly surrounded by people who are wearing the newest trends, which can make you feel like you need to keep up. Before I knew it I was spending checks before I had them and still not satisfied. I found myself sometimes even choosing not to go out because I was just in a funk, stressing out about both the fact that I didn’t have anything new to wear, and then also about the fact that I was actually stressing about such a matter that I should logically think is pretty trivial.

After a couple of years of this, I finally learned the secret to having all of the things I wanted and not going broke in the process. I first took an honest look at my closet and decided which items I really wear and love, and which are complete impulse purchases that don’t ever come off the hanger. Then any time I want to shop, I think about how I will wear the piece, and make sure it matches up with what I learned about myself and my dressing habits. After that, I look for coupons and cashback deals on websites similar to Price, and then at last, when I do shop, I occasionally splurge on an investment piece but the rest of the time I look for great finds at a reasonable price. I particularly love designer collaborations, and honestly no one does them better than Target. I also just discovered the recent Target x DV collab while out grocery shopping the other day.

Side note: I had Adam with me and he was getting extremely impatient at the amount of time I was forcing him to patiently sit while I tried on shoes. He started whining loudly for me to hurry up, and that’s when I really confused him by simply smiling back at him and saying, ‘well at least now you know how it feels to be kept waiting!’.

The DV line of Spring shoes at Target is a must see, in today’s post I am wearing these that I also loved in black. Other styles I’m currently eyeing are this, this, and this.

Today I am joining Target on their #NoFomo (no fear of missing out) pledge, and shopping smarter so I can have a closet full of fun quality pieces that I love, without stressing out about the price tag.

Also check out Target’s swimwear which is currently On sale until 4/9 – happy (guilt-free) shopping!

Target-Dolce-Vita-Sandals Target-DV-Sandals target-nofomo- Target-NoFOMO-DV-Shoes target-nofomo-tobi-sweater

Shoes: Target | Bracelet: Thanks to Folli Follie | Watch: Thanks to Shore Projects | Jeans: Zara | Sweater dress (worn as top) Thanks to Tobi |Bag: Chloe

Note: This was a sponsored post, however all views expressed are my own.

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