Everlane Shoe Review

Hi guys! I created a short video reviewing shoes from the current collection at Everlane. I’ve been a fan (and customer) of Everlane’s since the company first opened shop – their ‘Radical Transparency’ mission, where they openly share details about the factories they use, and also how much it costs them to produce the products, was refreshing to me, particularly at a time when it seemed impossible to find ethical companies to shop. Most importantly though, the clothes, shoes, and accessories are exactly what I want to wear, and the price point is very reasonable – especially considering they share some of the same factories used by high-end designers. They even have a ‘choose your price’ option on some items, depending on their inventory levels – so sometimes you can score a major discount to an already good deal. I also love them on Snapchat (everlane) -but I do get major ‘working in an office’ fomo watching it – if I worked in an office like that I *might* be inclined to stop working from home…maybe 🙂

So when I had the opportunity to test out a few shoes from their current collection, needless to say I was thrilled. I brought all of my shoes with me on a trip to Boston  where I knew I’d be doing a ton of walking, and trust me – these guys got a lot of use!

Side note: I also recently taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro – in the past I’ve used iMovie for all of my videos, so I had a little fun with some editing, plus testing out some new titles and transitions. I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques, and if you would like me to do more review videos like these! Hope you enjoy ~

Check out all of my Boston looks styling my Everlane shoes in this post.

Links to all shoes reviewed in the video:

1. The Modern Babo
2. The Slide Sandal
3. The Street Sandal
4. The Knot Sandal
5. The Street Shoe

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