Weekend Getaway Style – Boston

Prior to last weekend, my knowledge of Boston came almost solely from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon movies, that tiny other bit held bits and pieces strewn together from my U.S. History courses from college. Even though I am a History major, I studied World History, of which the U.S. had the least share of the curriculum. The trip was fun, we ate a lot of great seafood, took a sightseeing tour of Boston and learned quite a bit (p.s. I love duck tours!), and strolled through Cambridge and snagged some Harvard gear – and I am now the proud owner of a crimson Harvard muscle tee that I will probably be too ashamed to wear at the gym. One key thing I did learn is that I love a warm lobster roll over a cold one, by far.

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everlane-slides-anthro-dress everlane-sandals-ripped-jeans-off-shouldereverlane-slide-sandal-white-denimeverlane-boba-all-saints-jacket-rollas-high-waist-jeans everlane-boba-trench-coat

Outfit 1: Jacket: All SaintsSimilar Style (Under $100)| Dress: Anthropologie (sold out) Similar Style | Shoes: Thanks to Everlane | Bag: Marc Jacobs

Outfit 2: Top: Nordstrom (sold out) Similar Style | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Thanks to Everlane 

Outfit 3: Top: Lulu’s | Jeans: Thanks to DSTLD (DIY’d hem) | Sandals: Thanks to Everlane

Outfit 4: Jacket: All Saints | Top: Bailey44| Jeans: Rolla’s | Shoes: Thanks to Everlane | Bag: Marc Jacobs

Outfit 5: Jacket: H&M |Top: J.Crew | Jeans: Gap Factory (can’t find a link) | Shoes: Thanks to Everlane

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