Suede Jacket and a Surprise Announcement…

The past few months have been very challenging, but it is great to finally be able to announce that…we are expecting! We got pregnant with Adam immediately when we started trying, so when it took us over two years this time around, we were starting to get nervous and worried that we may not have the chance. It was only after I finally got myself mentally okay with the fact that we may not conceive another child, that we finally found ourselves with some happy news. Such is life. We had even gotten to the point where we discussed seeing a fertility doctor and trying that route, but luckily we didn’t actually have to follow through.

I really believe some of the changes I made in my life helped me to finally get pregnant. First off I became very good about taking my vitamins, and completely changed my daily routine. I took a bunch of the advice of Wellness Mama, and started on a new Prenatal vitamin (the one she recommends), a Folate supplement, a Pre and Probiotic, and D3 supplement (I am already Vitamin D deficient). I also made a conscious decision to scale back my work and projects, because I knew I was wearing myself thin. Since most people don’t really understand what I do as a blogger/freelance writer/stylist/social media consultant, (I still get a lot of possibly unintentional but equally annoying comments from family and friends about how lucky I am I don’t have to really ‘work’) as a result, I constantly felt the need to prove myself and so I would take on almost every project that would cross my desk. Once I accepted the fact that I can’t please everyone, and also let my own ego go a bit, which meant turning down some projects, I started feeling a little more of a sense of calm and control. Also just as important, I made an effort to reduce stress by exercising consistently – including yoga daily during the weekdays, and I continued to eat a mostly plant based diet. Stress can cause all kinds of problems in our bodies but since we can’t just take a stress ‘pill’, it is hard to know how to get rid of it.

After the initial excitement of finding out I was pregnant, I almost instantly started feeling symptoms- serious morning sickness day and night, which was totally new to me since I did not experience any last time. It was especially tough for an over-sharer like me not to talk about my experiences over social media or to anyone other than my close family members. But when your day consists of sleeping, attempting to eat without any luck, or dealing with the resulting migraine, posting on snapchat seems like the equivalent of running a marathon. Responding to emails and texts was almost equally challenging and I’m just now starting to make a dent in that list – so if I owe you an email I promise it is coming! And sorry!

None of the morning sickness remedies really worked for me. My diet completely changed from plant-based-home-cooked-fresh-everything to fast food stuff I haven’t touched in years like Taco Bell and Arby’s – seriously – I ate anything that I thought I could possibly stomach. The one good thing was I was constantly chugging down water – I couldn’t get enough.

Now that I’m beyond my first trimester I’m beginning to feel some relief and slowly getting back to normal. I’m excited to actually appreciate this instead of slowly falling into a deep depression…thanks so much for sticking with my slow schedule here on the blog and for all the emails asking me where the heck I was – I appreciate it and love you all!

blank-nyc-jacket- coach-applique-butterfly-bag coach-butterfly-applique-blank-nyc-nordstrom-

and here’s the bump pic:

preggoDress: Thanks to Nordstrom  (Also available in other colors)  | Booties: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn | Jacket: Thanks to Nordstrom | Bag: Thanks to Coach | Sunnies: Miu Miu via – (get your free trial with my code: LoveZahra) | Necklace: Tiffany

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