Tommy Bahama Denim

Denim is probably the single article of clothing that I wear most often, so it is extremely important for me to pick a pair that really fit perfectly. With all my years of blogging and trying on clothes, I have no patience for ill fitting or uncomfortable pants. I know that if I don’t love them, I probably won’t really wear them. I also have the same frustration as so many girls with hips – why it is so hard to find a denim style that fits both my waist and my hips at the same time?? It almost seems like many brands make their clothes for teenage boys and not real women. Le sigh.

But then I discovered Tommy Bahama denim. They recently reworked the line and tweaked the fits to create four distinct cuts, available in a variety of washes. They have the perfect amount of stretch to hug my curves and still fit snug around my waist. The boot cut style is a mid-rise with a slight flare, similar to a kick flare, which I love because I can even bend down to pick up after Adam without worrying about pulling my pants up before and after. #mommyproblems

For today’s post I am teaming up with my favorite bloggers from across the country to feature a few of the brand new Fall denim styles from Tommy Bahama. Check out their looks to see examples from all of the new styles. Also – from now until September 12, if you buy one pair at regular price – you can get a second for 50% off! (I’ve already got the skinny jeans too!)

boot-cut-flare-denim-striped-tee striped-tee-flare-denim-tommy-bahama flare-boot-cut-denim-tommy-bahama-- fall-style-striped-tee-boot-cut-denim tommy-bahama-plaid-shirt-denim boot-cut-denim-tommy-bahama boot-cut-denim-plaid-shirt-boots plaid-button-down-denim-boot-cut

Outfits thanks to Tommy Bahama: Denim | Striped Top | Sweater | Plaid Shirt 

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